Double Take by Ross Lynch

My girl was singing Double Take by Ross Lynch on our way home from the mall yesterday when the silly mommy in me decided to sing along with her. 

Naturally, I was singing out of tune. When she started singing, it was only drizzling but when I started singing along with her the rain started to pour a little heavier.

My girl: Mommy, please stop singing. We will get wet if the rain pours harder.

Silly mommy: *sings even harder and more out of tune*

My husband: Your daughter is right. The drizzles turned into a heavy rain when you started singing. Please stop.

Silly mommy: Okaaaaaaaaaay... and stopped singing mumbling. *insert sad face here*


Nice try but maybe next time I will just play trombone straight mute when my throat is itching to belt out a song with my girl. :D

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