6 Tips in Creating a Relaxed Atmosphere For Your Family

Life moves so fast in this day and age that it is no surprise many of us need to shut out the outside world sometimes and de-stress any way we can. Our children are under pressure at school like never before, our working conditions are perhaps the harshest and most demanding since the second world war. Suicides, though figures are largely hushed up by this government, are on the rise, and many remain unreported in the press. We can fight back, in our homes, by creating our own little havens of peace and tranquility. It need not be expensive, and with a little thought we can achieve a lot.
let us suggest a few things that we can do to achieve inner peace.

One of the most disturbing effects to our inner calm is clutter. It is incredibly hard to relax when surrounded by a lifetime of dusty collections. Decluttering is a ruthless activity where no prisoners can be taken. If you haven’t consciously noticed or used an item for two years, you don’t need it. Whether it is books or ornaments, stop living in the past. Take all old unwanted items to a charity shop if they are suitable, or discard them if they are not. Piles of magazines and newspapers have no place in a peaceful home. If they have been read, recycle them or put them out of sight. No excuses.

Paint the walls of your rooms with soft warm colours. No more psychedelic green, blue or red. Use rich, opulent colours wherever possible with your soft furnishings.

If your living room has a fluorescent light, put tape over the switch, so it is never used again. Use strategically placed table lamps and warm coloured shades to give a soft glow around the room. Use light bulbs with low wattage. Candles placed around the room take us back to a time when life was simpler. Use low voltage mood lighting in the garden also, to create calm and serenity.

There are many albums available today that play natural sound effects. Trees rustling or the sound of whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. Maybe jungle sounds are more your thing. The possibilities for gentle, hushed music are endless too. Not too loud though or it will spoil the effect.
In the garden, outdoor water features like these ones can instantly create a soothing atmosphere in any setting while looking beautiful.

Keep your bedroom for sleeping only (apart from the obvious). No televisions, especially in the children’s room. Have blinds at the windows, as well as curtains, to block out as much light as possible. Use lamps again to keep lighting soft and gentle. Make sure the children stop playing on the games machine in good time before bed. That kind of stimulation as not an aid to a good nights sleep.

Make a fuss of yourself. Take the time out for a relaxing bath and then slip into some comfy clothes. The same goes for the children. A bath at night is soothing and calming before bed.
Surround yourself with soft cushions and a comfortable rug beneath your feet.

It all sounds so simple doesn’t it? However creating calm in the home and garden is difficult to achieve over night. It is an activity we must constantly work at and perfect. A relaxed home involves a lifestyle change that many of us will find difficult to master.
If all else fails, use alcohol. Yes, it gets bad press, but it is a tried and trusted way of soothing your nerves at the end of the day, as long as you don’t overindulge. We only have one life as far as we know. Don’t feel guilty, get through it the best way you can. I wish you serenity.

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  1. so love these tips, i am so inspired to do some design changes, well, hope i could turn that inspiration to reality, eh, up to now, i still haven't done the photo wall :) where I could escape to nature right inside the house, haha!