Family Valentine Date at nydc (Wheelock Place)

We had spur of the moment Family Valentine Date last Sunday. The hubby went to finish some work in the office while the kids and I were still sleeping. Later in the afternoon, I took the kids to Novena Church and met the hubby there. We were there not to ask for any favour but to thank the Lord for having a happy home and healthy family.

After church, we took a bus to Orchard and decided to eat at nydc in Wheelock Place. Hubby and I recently went to visit their Bugis branch and was surprised to know it has closed down. We left disappointed but was delighted to know later that they actually have a branch in Orchard. We've been wanting to avail the food voucher we got during Lady Iron Chef's Christmas party last December, so we took the chance to dine with the kids as a celebration of Valentine's Day with them. Who says V day is only for couples?

Here's what we ate:

Big rabbit's pick: Good Ol' Fish and Chips

The battered fish and chips came with coleslaw, tartar sauce and lemon wedge. The big rabbit almost finished everything all by herself, including the coleslaw which she is not very much fond about.

Daddy rabbit's pick: The Meatball That Ate Manhattan

This is nydc's signature tennis-sized meatball with spaghetti cooked in marinara sauce. Meat-lover hubby was satisfied with the taste but claims my homecooked spaghetti in sweet style sauce is still the best. :D

Mommy rabbit's pick: Mushroom Attack

Aglio Olio style spaghetti loaded with generous amount of diced mushrooms. The mushroom lover in me couldn't ask for more, the level of spicyness is just right too! I was saddened that the epic salmon salad I had on my birthday was taken out from the menu but I was pacified by this flavourful mushroom pasta I ordered.

Dessert: Boo Boo Chocolate Cake

The big rabbit picked this from the dessert menu. I wanted to recommend them the mud pie but she wanted this so bad so we all agreed to share on this piece of chocolate heaven.

After food indulgence, we brought the kids at Takashimaya and bought coloured pencils for big and little rabbit using the Takashimaya vouchers which we got last Christmas as well.

It was another pleasant and special day for the rabbit family. To God be the glory always and forever. :)


  1. pssssttttt O loves anything with mushrooms too! and hmmmm I love spaghetti with giant meatball!!! yiiiiiii smiling with M's remark that your spaghetti is still the best....hahaha I have no signature dish for O hahahaha he cooks for me most of the time :D we had a Vday celeb family lunch last Sunday too....shall I write it first before delving on my thesis? love yah twinzypotsy!!! :) before I click publish, hand me over some choco goodness please!!!!!! :)

  2. My fave would be the spaghetti with lots of mushrooms, but would like to try your sweet style sauce Che, honestly, I do not know how to make sweet style spaghetti sauce, I miss it though, yung parang Jollibee?