Grocery Shopping Find: Avocado & Garlic Dressing

You should know by now that the hubby and I are into salads these days. On our first visit at Bedok Mall few Sundays ago, we dropped by at Fairprice Extra to buy some fresh Korean strawberries. I was already paying for it when the hubby came rushing to give me a bottle of Taylor's avocado and garlic salad dressing.

I immediately tried it the next day and oh boy, we loved it! As perfectly described in its bottle, it is smooth and tangy, it livens up salads and sandwiches. We've tried using it in both salads and sandwiches and it was such a hit! I highly recommend avocado lovers like me to use this dressing along with freshly mashed ripe avocado. I am sure you'll love it even more as much as I do!

Price: $5 something (so sorry, I forgot the exact price)

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  1. Avocado lover too!!!! hand it over to me now! haha