Happy Birthday, Mama!

My mom is just one year shy away from reaching the 70th mark. She turned 69 years old today! I feel so happy that she's still strong, healthy and enjoying the prime of her life but I feel sad at the same time that I didn't get to kiss and hug her in person. I just viewed her celebratory photos posted by my sister on Facebook and I got teary eyed looking at her.

I terribly miss my mom! I pray that God will bless her with all the good things life could offer, most especially good health among many other things.

I love you, Ma! I will always be your clingy youngest baby. :)


  1. wishing your pretty mom good health always! gee I can imagine clingy you as a kid :) you look a lot like her :)

  2. belated happy birthday to your mom Che, may she be blessed with good health always so she could enjoy a lot of happiness from all of you