How A Guy Can Succeed At Pulling: Insider Tips From A Woman Who Knows What She Wants

If you’re anything like me, then you’ll be getting rather tired of guys coming up to you with the same old boring chat up lines. You know the situation; you’re in a bar with your friends having a good time, and suddenly you notice a pair of eyes staring at you from across the room. Even if the guy looks hot, it’s pretty certain his technique will leave a lot to be desired. You look back at him and give the signal. He walks towards you and mumbles some nonsense about calling your mom and letting her know you’ll be home late. We’ve heard these lines so many times they no longer work, even if we’re completely desperate to meet someone.

With that in mind, I’ve written this post today to give the guys out there some handy advice from a girl who knows exactly what she wants. I realise that approaching us can be difficult, but if you’re not willing to put the effort in, you’ll never achieve the results you desire. So, pay close attention to all the information and ideas I’ve included under this introduction, and maybe next time you see someone worth speaking to, you won’t make such a fool of yourself.

Always Show Confidence

No girl will ever be happy to speak with you if you walk over looking coy and shy. That said; you also want to avoid appearing arrogant, and so you need to find a healthy balance. Confidence doesn’t always involve speaking about yourself; it’s a state of being you attain when you’re content with your current life situation. So, keep as much back as possible unless you’re asked, but try to exhibit a level of reassurance.

Never Back Down

Many ladies (including myself), like to test a man somewhat when we first meet. This could involve making fun of the way they’re dressed or simply creating a bit of banter. You response to this will show the lady a lot about your personality type and whether you’ve got a good sense of humour. No matter what we say, don’t get offended. We wouldn’t be talking to you if we weren't interested.

Don’t Be Afraid To Tease

If you’re really got your heart set on mastering the art of picking up girls, you’ll need to learn at which point teasing becomes an issue. Most women expect to be made fun of to some extent, and most of us find it pretty amusing, but you don’t want to take things too far because we also like to be treated like princesses, and too much teasing could leave you firmly in the friendzone.

Continually Improve On Your Technique

Let’s presume you’ve managed to score a first date. Now, you’ll want to make it impressive for the lady, but you also need to ensure it’s scalable. There’s no use going to the most expensive restaurant in town at this early stage, as you’ll peak far too quickly. We’d much rather get to know you properly first, so save your cash for when things are a little more serious.

Well guys, if you haven’t managed to learn anything or improve from those tips, then I think you’re probably beyond helping. For the rest of you, just remember to play it cool, and you should succeed at pulling sometime very soon.

I hope that set the record straight?

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  1. A fascinating post. I wish more guys had access to this type of info when I was dating. lol