How Much Is Your Car Really Worth?

So, you want to know the value of your used car, but you don’t know where to begin? You are not alone. There are so many used cars out there and so many people who want to understand the value of the car they own in order to begin the process of purchasing a more economical, or more environmentally safe, or more dependable vehicle. At the same time, there are plenty of ways to establish the value of your car, and here are a few suggestions:

Kelly Blue Book is still around, but man is it ever in a different format. No longer is it an actual small blue paperback book used to find the value of your aging automobile. It is now a used car mega-industry online. The estimated value of your car can still be found, but now you can also sell your car on the site. You can find ratings and reviews of different models of vehicles, and you can check the history of a car and calculate the monthly car payment of the new vehicle you are interested in purchasing. If you enjoy a good website adventure, this is the way you should go. You could spend part of a day just looking at the Top Ten Automobile Lists (top ten luxury cars, top ten collectible cars, etc.).

Another car site that can give information about vehicle prices is Edmunds. Like Kelly’s, Edmunds has access to many resources for researching your car’s value. They have appraising instructions, and even a live online representative who will assist you in finding your car’s fair market value. These sites are a little like walking into a car dealership, in that their goal is to sell you a car, but being aware of that fact can help you stay focused on your purpose for being there.

You can find online now, companies that are in the business of researching the value of cars. Their drill goes like this. You call and describe your vehicle to them; make, model, year, condition, and so forth. They can take those facts and come up with a price based on those facts. If you agree with the price, they make an appointment with you to come to the location you choose and pick up your car. Most of these sites say that they will have the car out of your hands within 24 hours. The money for your vehicle is paid to you upon retrieval of the automobile in cash. There are also some sites on which all of this can be handled on the website itself. You can get a quote on the value of your car right there and then. One example, of such a service is Interstate Auto Buyers Cash for Cars Program. They state they will offer free quotes on al vehicles.

Another car valuation site is NADA Guides. Here you enter the make and model of the car you would like to know the value of and you will receive a quote from a local dealership. Do this same thing on several other sites, and there are many other sites like this one, and you could average the quotes you get to see approximately what your car’s current value is.

Finding the true value of your used car will take a little patient research, but you can do it!

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