Impromptu Sushi Date at Sushi Express

My girl has been eyeing this new sushi place at Tampines 1 for the longest time but every time we attempt to check it out, the queue is always too long. For the record, I have not queued for way too long just to eat. I always say no thanks when there's a long line of sushi monsters.

Yesterday, my big rabbit and I went out to check out the church bazaar during the little rabbit's afternoon nap time. After buying two pairs of jeans for $4 each, we walked all the way to the mall because I wanted to treat the big rabbit for an icecream. She got her strawberry sundae fix at McD while I got my earl grey milk tea fix at Gong Cha.

We went shoe window shopping at Payless and lingered for a while then I told my date it's time to go home because my operation site (went for a minor op on Chinese New Year eve) stings a little. Before heading to the train station, the big rabbit dragged me to the mall's basement to see if there's no queue at Sushi Express.

I guess, heavens brought us to check it out because there was no queue at all. Even though big rabbit already had her sundae fix and I got my pearl tea fix, we decided to try it out and have a sushi fix.

This is what we devoured: salmon sashimi, prawn sashimi, prawn sushi, salmon sushi, fish roe sushi and chocolate cake. Each plate cost $1.50, we wanted to eat more but we were too full already.

Sushi Express has a lot more to offer, we can't wait to have our sushi fix again some time soon. We will try to bring along daddy rabbit on our next food adventure so that we can order and eat more. :)

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