Increase Your Productivity With an Adjustable Table

Do you have a job or a hobby that requires detailed work? If so, it’s quite likely that you spend a lot of time sitting down at a desk or a worktable. Sitting may seem like a logical position for drawing, writing, crafting, or fixing precision machinery, but it also comes with its share of health risks. When you spend too many hours sitting, you may be putting yourself in danger of back pain, heart disease, and other unpleasant health issues. An adjustable craft table can help you find a healthier posture at work or play.

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What Are Some Benefits of Adjustable Tables?

When you use a height adjustable table, you give yourself the freedom to alternate between standing and sitting while staying close to your work surface. By changing your posture during the day, you can enjoy a number of health benefits:

  • You can burn up to twice as many calories while standing as you do while sitting.

  • Many people report a decrease in back pain and shoulder tension when they choose to stand during part of the day.

  • Energy levels often go up, making people more innovative and more productive.

  • Concentration may improve, leading to faster and better work habits.

  • Some people have even reported that using a standing desk has helped them cut down on their cravings for caffeine, tobacco, or sugary snacks. When the body is naturally stimulated with a healthy posture, there’s less of a need for these unhealthy extras.

  • Getting Started With an Adjustable Desk

    Once you’ve installed your electric desk, it’s best to start using it gradually. Although you may be eager to stand up through a 10-hour workday or a long session of weekend crafting, you might find that to be even more exhausting than sitting for too long. The point of an adjustable table is the ability to change your posture whenever you need an energy boost. Many people start out by standing during more critical or intense tasks, then taking a “sit break” for a less important activity.

    Learning More About Your Work Habits

    As soon as you have an adjustable table, you may find yourself thinking more carefully about your own work habits. There are apps available to track your activities during the day, telling you how many hours and minutes are spent on particular tasks. If you use your adjustable desk for weekend hobbies, you can even learn to be more efficient with them—think of it as a gift of extra time to devote to crafting, tinkering, sewing, drawing, or whatever your favorite indoor leisure activity might be. When you take control of your working posture, you’re also taking control of your time.

    Improving Your Life With the Right Furniture

    By installing an adjustable table, you’re taking an important step toward greater health and efficiency. Doctors agree that modern-day people spend far too much time sitting down. Although you may not be able to control the length of your commute, you can control how much you sit at work and at home. By working out a sensible schedule of standing and sitting, you can avoid many of the health risks that come with a sedentary lifestyle. An adjustable craft table or desk is an investment in your health.

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    1. This is good, khai has 2 computers in his office, one for sitting, one for standing, he didnt know about adjustable desks then. He said he suffers less arm strain now from too much computer work