Let It Go: Frozen Official Soundtrack

The above embedded video was posted by Disney UK. Well, who doesn't know this song these days? My girl is so in love with it, she keeps playing the song on my phone and sing along with it.

When she's not contented just singing, she would grab her little brother's hand and dance with him to the little boy's delight and amusement.

I love watching my children singing and dancing in perfect harmony, like their tiny hands and little voices are made for each other.

Someday, I may consider buying cheap project debut at musicians friend, buy them classic vinyl to play on the turntable and get my hubby to dance with me along with our children.

Ahhhh, what a perfect moment would it be!


  1. let it go has been my lss for sometime, even my next door neighbor keeps humming it,. ^0^

  2. Aw, what a perfect plan for a perfect moment.