Live While We're Young by One Direction

My girl is a One Direction band avid fan. She said she liked their song "Live While We're Young" in particular. To keep up with my girl who I consider to be on generation next (way too advance I tell 'ya), I try to understand and dig deeper on her music choices.

The above embedded video I found on YouTube was uploaded by One Direction. I really liked this acoustic version. I have a thing for acoustic guitars. I think it will go perfectly with line 6 wireless at guitar centre. I know I am considered illiterate when it comes to music but I do have a one-sided affair with it.

I am learning to appreciate my girl's music choices. I love the message of the song which was clearly mentioned in the title itself. I am not so much into her type of music 100% though and I think I never will be. I tell you I am not really trying hard to be a cool mom but I do my best to "connect" better with my child. Parenting is really a continuous learning process and I'm loving every second of it. If you only see how my girl's eyes sparkle when we talk about music. Priceless!

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