Meet The Future Lawyer of Our Family

I am one proud tita (aunt) to this beautiful attorney in the making. She is Kaye, the eldest daughter of my second eldest sister. She is now on her senior years at San Beda, College of Law.

My late papa always wanted to have a lawyer in the family. My brother took law at San Sebastian College but he gave up when he's just one semester away from graduation. We were all saddened by his decision but accepted the fact that his chosen course wasn't really his passion. Needless to say it was papa who encouraged him to enter the Law School.

Kaye on the other hand was a very keen and hard working law student. I am sure my papa is even more proud of her than I am, up there in heaven. Kaye is his second eldest grandchild that he has doted so much when he was still alive.

May God bless Kaye in her law studies. We all can't wait for her to graduate and take the bar examinations!

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  1. what a very gorgeous lawyer in the making!!! am sure your papa is more than proud :)