Music 101: Treble Clef

Last night, I came home carrying Stradivarius paper bag that bears its unique logo - a treble clef. So instead of the usual "where's the iPad?" greeting from my boy after running into my arms to kiss and hug me, he pointed to the logo and said "moosik (music)"  much to my delight.

Needless to say, my boy is really into music. Must have been a positive and a great influence from his big sister who has musician's blood running through her veins. I wonder if any of my two kids will ever be interested in learning to play electric cello someday. I saw an electric cello at musicians friend and it reminded me of their musical inclination.

I did a little research about Stradivarius logo and found out that it symbolizes rhythm, dynamism and difference of the brand. In musical language, treble clef is a clef placing G above middle C on the second lowest line of the stave. Clef is a musical symbol used to indicate the pitch of written notes.

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