Music Night

Apart from book nights where my kids and I read story books at bedtime, we also have fun music nights. Whilst my girl plays piano notes in her little piano, my boy would either play the drums or her big sister's battery operated toy guitar. No, we don't have any proper drum set yet but you get the picture. I just give the little boy a used tin can and a stick and he gets all hyped up already.

Someday I may consider buying dw practice kit at guitar centre so that my boy will get the real deal in beating the authentic drum pads. The sight of drum set made me ask myself, will I see my boy playing in a group band one day? That, I have yet to know but for now I will just feed his soul with the simplest joys of home-made musical instruments.

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  1. baby G is soooooo cutttteeeee and he seems to be having so much fun with his home-made drum set! :)