My Top 3 Dream Holiday Destinations

When I turned 35 years old on October last year, I made a life list that includes all the places that I wish to discover and explore. If you are a regular reader of Sweet Memoirs, you should know by now that I am a self-confessed wanderlust. I love to travel and see with my own naked eyes new places that I have never been to. Looking at travel photos in the internet sure takes me to places that I may not be able to explore in my lifetime but as long as I live, I won't stop from going to places.

Here are my 3 dream holiday destinations in no particular order:

1. Sydney, Australia

There are so many places I wish to visit in Australia like Perth (where one of my blogger inspiration lives), Melbourne (where my cousin lives) and Queensland (particularly Gold Coast, to watch a magical golden sunset in the beach) but I think I will have to start with its capital city, Sydney not just to see with my own naked eyes the majestic Sydney opera and climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge to marvel at the breathtaking beauty of Sydney harbour views but to also to bring my kids to Taronga Zoo and SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium.

2. Seoul, Korea

It must have been my family's craze on Korean drama that made me want to explore this vibrant and beautiful capital city of Korea. I am dreaming of a snowy holiday with my family where we can make snow angels and wander around. I wish to board the cable car at Namsan Park and check out the N Seoul Tower to get bird's eye view of this fascinating city, check out one or two of the many great Seoul palaces, eat and drink soju at a pojongmacha or road side tent just like in Korean movies/drama series, and check out Lotte World and Dream Forest with the kids.

3. Tokyo, Japan

My sister's visit to Tokyo last year made me include Japan as one of my dream holiday destination. I wish to explore the city during fall season to witness the stunning colours of fall. My kids would also love to pay Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea a visit. Not to mention that Japan is the home of Sanrio characters, I am sure my girl would love to shop at a Sanrio store to add some Hello Kitty items to her growing Hello Kitty collection.

For more information about other dream holiday destinations like New Zealand, Canada, and USA, visit I would love to explore NZ, Canada and USA too when the kids are big enough to look after themselves. For now, I will just stay contented in working hard to be able to go to my top 3 dream holiday destinations listed above.

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  1. time flies Che, soon, you'll find out the top 3 dream holidays are done :)