Places for Critter Photography in Singapore

When I was photoblogging in blogger platform way back in 2009, I posted a plethora of critters I captured with my camera lens. I still remember getting so jumpy whenever I see a critter I have never seen before. Before I post them in my photo blog, I research about their proper names.

I eventually became a photo enthusiast and I convinced the hubby to buy me a DLSR camera and a macro lens so that I could photograph more critters beautifully. If you are curious where I used to go for critter photography before, let me list it down for you:

1. Singapore Botanical Gardens (SBG)

This is one of my all-time favourite critter photograph from the Botanical Gardens. I captured this pink dragonfly beauty with my old point and shoot Sony Cybershot camera. During our frequent visits to SBG,  I have captured with my camera lens a lizard, squirrels, blue dragonfly, hairy caterpillar and more critters.

2. Sentosa Island

My husband captured this squirrel using our Canon DLSR camera during a nature walk at Sentosa Island. He also captured butterflies, birds, lizards, hungry caterpillar, beetle bug, spider and more.

3. Taman Serasi Park

I never expected to see a baby grasshopper during a visit at our neighbourhood park. Good thing I brought my macro lens with me. On my subsequent visit to the park, I also captured a beautiful yellow dragonfly.

4. Chinese Garden

We spotted this lizard at the Chinese Garden and captured it using our zoom lens. We also spotted blue kingfisher bird, other bird species and turtles worth photographing.

5. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

We came across this yellow and black grasshopper during a nature wandering at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. We didn't really stay long due to bad weather but there are more critters there worth photographing.

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  1. Those photos are beautiful! Especially the dragonfly and cute squirrel! :)