Swimsuit Recommendations for Your Personality Type

Although it is currently winter, it is bound to end soon. March is almost here, which means April is on its way—making the springtime closer than we will notice. When spring comes along, we tend to update our wardrobes; whether we choose a nice floral spring dress or even a cute little cotton skirt, we adjust to the weather. However, once spring arrives, the time to get into shape for bikini weather arises as well. Most of us try to fit into our old bikinis, bathing suits, or even our other highly sexy swimsuits. After all, one of the greatest joys out there is to simply enjoy swimming in a pool or visiting the beach in total and utter confidence (and not to mention fashionably).

With all this said, it can be easily gathered that we are fairly close to that point in our lives where finding that perfect sexy swimsuit is an absolute essential—and, in some cases—an obsession. No one wants to walk around the beautiful crystal clear ocean surrounded by beige, tan, and other uniquely hued seashells as the pigeons fly above our heads. There is no fun in wearing a t-shirt over our bikini bottoms in order to feel secure or comfortable. Luckily, sexy swimsuits come in a variety of styles, shapes, colors, and patterns.

For the trendsetter, are a plethora of various choices, such as the following:

  • Caged Detail Sexy 2 Pc. Pucker Back Swimsuit
  • The Strappy Monokini
  • The average bikini with hot neon hues to grab attention
  • The two-tone bikini which is mesmerizing and difficult to ignore

  • If you are a bit of a conservative, then you can opt for these beloved styles:

  • The traditional one piece
  • The traditional one piece with the skirt bottom
  • A monokini that covers up just enough  

  • In case you like to rock the retro look—which, by the way, is becoming increasingly more and more popular—you could always choose one of these highly suggested sexy swimsuits:

  • The bandeau top with the high waist bikini bottom
  • A bikini top with a ribbon tied in the front with a leopard print high waist pair of bikini bottoms
  • Anything that is at all retro styled so long as it is in a bright red, blue, or leopard print pattern

  • These are only three examples; of course, it is a ton of fun to mix and match. Did you follow under the trendsetter category? If so, then who is to stop you from wearing a bold purple bikini bottom with a pink and blue chevron bikini top? Or, if you are more conservation, you are more than welcome to bring a shawl along with you for your magical beach excursion. And—just in case you are following that oh so fashionable retro look—make sure to add a few necessary accessories, such as a cute red headband in your hair tied back in a ponytail. Remember, all sexy swimsuits have their own unique spins, so don’t be afraid to take a spin on your own.

    Coquile DeDulce has been in the fashion industry for years, writing for major publications and books. She lives in Hawaii with her partner, David, where they enjoy watching the gorgeous Hawaii scenery as they both take time to do writing on the side. Coquile has made her own line of swimsuits before, but afterwards she discovered her passion for being involved in fashion publication.

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