Guide To Saving Money On Your Home Heating Bills

Have you spent this last winter sitting in front of a one bar fire with a blanket around your shoulders? The price of energy has gone through the roof due to the negligence of this government and the greed of the energy company’s shareholders. Unfortunately, it is the little people who end up counting the cost and suffering, as a result. Fuel Poverty is a term that is often heard on television and in newspapers, and it applies to many of us.
So what can we do to try and reduce our extortionate fuel bills? Let’s take a look at a few options open to us.

The Principle of Cutting Fuel Bills
The basic principle to reducing our bills ids to keep any heat generated by us, our heating, or our appliances, trapped inside our home. If the heat can’t get out through the top or sides of our property, we keep warmer. The outside of our property will be surrounded by cold air. We need to stop that air getting into our homes.

The best way to keep heat in our homes is by improving its insulation properties. There are several ways we can accomplish this.

  • Cavity wall insulation. If your cavity wall remains un-insulated heat will radiate out through the brickwork. Cavities can be insulated by having holes drilled into the outside walls into which insulation is then pumped. You will have no problem finding a company that provides this service.
  • Loft Insulation. Heat rises, it is a scientific fact. If your loft does not have adequate earthwool loft insulation, or another high quality brand, you are bleeding money. Loft insulation is arguably the most effective measure anyone can take to save money. A loft should have at least six inches of insulation. There is no need to stop there though, if you can afford it put more layers on. The thicker the insulation, the more heat will be kept in.
  • Double glazing. If your home is still single glazed, a lot of heat will be lost through the windows. When condensation appears on the glass, it is a bad sign. You may be in a rented property or not able to afford replacement windows, however, fitting window film is a cheap and cheerful way of cutting down the amount of heat loss. It is simply applied with double sided sticky tape and stretched tight with a hairdryer. Kits are available for under ten pounds and contain a good quantity of film. Not only will it cut heat loss down it will also dramatically reduce condensation build up. Fit thick curtains at your windows where possible.
  • Draughts. Use draught excluders wherever the cold air comes in. There are hundreds of products in your local DIY shop so you will find something for every situation. Letter boxes are a big culprit of draughts.

How to Pay for Insulation
If you are in a rented property, the first step is to contact your landlord. If you own your home and cannot afford to insulate it yourself, contact your local authority and energy company. There are various grants or loans available to you.

I hope this article has given you some hints on keeping warm for less this winter. With a little luck common sense will prevail, and our leaders will realise that peoples health and well being, during the cold weather, is just as important as corporate profits. I wouldn’t hold your breath though.
As my mom used to say, rug up warm!

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