The Ultimate Pet Care Guide for the Whole Family

Having a pet in the family is a wonderful experience, that everyone can enjoy; the children love them, you love them, and even your dinner guests love them. However, a pet is not just there to be stroked and fawned over, they need a lot of care and attention too. Teaching everyone in the family how to look after your pet is a great learning exercise, and ensures your beloved animal gets the care that it needs. We’ve put together the ultimate pet care guide that is suitable for all ages.

Feeding your pets
Whatever animal you have, it is best to have a set feeding time for them. Most pets will only need to be fed once a day, some will need feeding twice, but all pets should have an hour in the day that they know it is time to eat. Turn feeding into a family exercise by letting everyone know what time your pet’s dinner time is and putting someone in charge each day. Make sure that everyone takes turns, to avoid tantrums. You may want to invest in a feeding cup, especially for things such as dog biscuits, so that the children can measure the food out properly.

Grooming your pets
Unless you have a reptile or fish tank, all of your family pets will need to be groomed often. Longer haired animals will need grooming once a week, whereas short hair dogs and cats can be left for several weeks without grooming. Use a big family planner or calendar, to mark when grooming days should be. Invest in a small brush that fits small hands, so that everyone can take part in your pet’s brushing. If you need to bathe your pet then turn this into a fun activity too, by letting your children hold the shower head (with your help) or a jug of warm water.

Exercising your pets
This is the perfect family activity; that benefits your pet too. Whatever pet you have, it will need some form of exercise every day. This could be taking the dog for a walk, playing with the cat’s favourite toy or letting your hamster run around in its ball. Make sure the children know the limits when it comes to playing with the pets, such as not putting their fingers in dogs mouths, to teach them friendly playtime. Not only will your family enjoy the time spent with their pet, but your animal will also become more friendly with children and groups of people.

Unwell pets
Sometimes, our pets get unwell, which can cause sadness for the whole family. It is important to teach everyone what to look out for in terms of illness signs and symptoms, so that medical problems can be dealt with fast. You can then use somewhere like 365Vet to provide your pet with the right treatment for their condition, or speak to your vet about other options. Make sure everyone knows that your pet needs plenty of care to get better; you could even turn it into a game of doctors and nurses! Just be aware that your pet will probably want a lot more peace and quiet while they are trying to heal, so don’t be offended if they’re not ready to play yet.

We hope this guide has given you a good idea of how the whole family can get involved caring for your pet. By turning it into a fun activity for everyone, your pet will get the best care, and your family will feel closer.

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