You Can Climb Kilimanjaro: Here's How

Mount Kilimanjaro is something that many people wish to do one day. It’s a dream of many people, but some people but it off as they believe they won’t be able to do it. Whether this is down to money, fitness, or other personal reasons doesn’t matter - you CAN climb Kilimanjaro! Here’s how to make your journey an exciting and successful one:

Choose Your Route

Regardless of the route you choose, many people who have climbed Kilimanjaro recommend you book a group tour. This way, you can share the experience with others, and pull each other through if things get rough. The routes all lead to the same place, but there are a few differences. You’ll need to choose your route depending on the one that best matches your interests, where you’d like to sleep, your budget, fitness level, and the time you have.

Come Prepared

The good news is you won’t need much special mountain climbing gear to get started. You definitely don’t need to spend a fortune on new stuff, but there are a few things that will help you along the way. Porters will carry 15 kilos per person. Here’s what you should include:

  • A comfortable pair of trousers, shirt, and clean underwear.
  • A jacket.
  • A headlamp.
  • Layers of clothing, like long johns.
  • Hats for sun protection and warmth.

You could also rent:

  • A sleeping bag.
  • Waterproofs.
  • Walking sticks.
  • Gaiters.

How to Deal With Altitude

It doesn’t matter which route you take to climb Kilimanjaro, you’ll still gain a lot of elevation in a short space of time. Everybody is different, so you’ll all react differently to altitude. Lot’s of water will help you avoid too much altitude sickness, so drink 3 litres a day. You’ll be told to take it slowly so you can save energy and get used to the elevation better. Make sure you sleep and eat adequately too!

Remember That it’s as Much Mental as it is Physical

Of course climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is a physical challenge, but it’s a mental one too. You’ll feel doubtful if you suffer from altitude sickness, but try to push those feelings aside and concentrate on what you set out to do. You’ll need to dig deep!

Have Fun!

Obviously everybody wants to get to the top, but make sure you take in the landscapes and scenery as you climb. Make sure you take a moment to appreciate how far you’ve come! No matter the route you take, you’ll enjoy beautiful surroundings, meet great people, and get lots of satisfaction from completing one of life's greatest experiences.

Your mind will probably want to give up way before your body is ready to, so make sure you persevere and remember the reasons why you wanted to do the climb in the first place. Nobody said it would be easy - but that makes it all the more worth it. Step out of your comfort zone, stay focused, and you will be able to tick one of the world’s greatest challenges off your bucket list!

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