7 days of Chaos and Bliss

Hurray! We survived a week without a househelp. Thank goodness the hubby was able to take leave from work because I couldn't. We thoroughly enjoyed a blissfully chaotic no-househelp life for 7 days.

  • toys waiting to be stepped everywhere
  • books off the shelves
  • dishes waiting to be washed
  • laundry waiting to be washed, dried and folded
  • messy kitchen --> why do men leave more mess after cooking than women do?
  • bed waiting to be made
  • scalded my hands with hot cooking oil (what's new? LOL)
  • the boy refused to let me lie down and rest even for just a while after doing all the housework

  • coming home to yummy homecooked food lovingly prepared by the hubby after work
  • waking up to a yummy breakfast on the table
  • hubby volunteered to wash the dishes so that I could spend more time with kids after work
  • hubby re-painted the dining room and the kitchen
  • thank you letter from the girl after her motivational program in school
  • the boy said "Mama, I LOVE YOU!" for the first time
  • the boy happily chewing his food like it's the yummiest thing on earth
  • played "ouchy" with the boy as he giggles non-stop
  • the girl helped clean the table and wash the dishes after meals

1 comment:

  1. congratulations for surviving the week :) hmmm those are indeed such priceless moments...wish we could just be plain moms and not worry about anything else but the kid's thingy....sigh...makes me want to reconsider O's plea not to go on training :)