7 Inspiring Ideas to Make Your Own Picture Frame

So, you want to make your own picture frame. Good for you! We’ve got 7 inspiring ideas for you to put your very own, handmade picture frame together in no time at all. You don’t have to stick to our ideas though - feel free to tweak them as you wish to create something special!


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1. Glue Some Twigs Together

By literally going into your garden and picking out some twigs, you can create a picture frame to be proud of. Make sure the twigs you choose are all roughly the same in length and width, and simply glue them on to some card or paper in the shape you’d like. You could even forget the paper or card and simply glue the wood together, although you’ll need to use a strong glue and be very patient to make sure the frame is secure.

2. Decorate With Buttons

Why not buy a plain photo frame and decorate it with buttons? Buttons of all different shapes and sizes can work, and they look great when paired with ribbons and other patterns.

3. Carve a Frame Out of Wood

If you fancy yourself as a woodcarver, you could carve a frame from a piece of wood. This will take time and patience, as you’ll need to cut out the shape of the frame and then smooth it out until it’s perfect. However, once you’re done you should have a professional looking frame at little cost to you, worth of FS&M Picture Framing!

4. Use a Selection of Beads

Beads can create whatever effect you like, depending on the kind you choose. You could choose pearly-style beads, along with big, colourful gems to create a vintage effect, while using plenty of pink beads and ribbons would make the perfect frame for a little girl’s bedroom.

5. Roll Some Coloured Paper

Get a selection of different coloured paper, and cut into strips of equal width. Thin strips are best, so the paper is embossed off the frame by a couple of millimeters, but no more. You can even use magazine pages to create a brilliant, recycled effect! Simply roll your coloured paper so it’s a spiral shape, or experiment with different shapes (squares, triangles, rectangles, etc). You can then begin to glue the paper on to your frame.

6. Create a Mosaic Effect

You could create a mosaic effect with small coloured tiles made from paper, pictures printed off the computer (Instagram images give a great effect), or even use things like Scrabble tabs! The effect you create will be totally unique and give a great look to any mantlepiece.

7. Pick Some Fake Flowers

A frame made from fake flowers can be ever so pretty, but you can vary the mood and look depending on the kind of flower and colours you pick. Why not make a frame out of fake pink carnations for your mom on mother’s day? Or use some mistletoe for a Christmassy frame? The only limit is your imagination!

We hope you found our ideas useful - thanks for reading!

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  1. Using twigs sounds most interesting to me, hmmm wish I would finally have the luxury of time for crafts; )

    P.S. my brain is still swimming in oil haha