7 Tips to Add That Touch of Class To Your Home Interior

If this article has caught your eye, you may be one of the growing number of people that are starting to rebel against contemporary design. The cold, heartless interior schemes that are gracing the covers of magazines the world over are sucking the life from tradition. The younger generation who choose to live in a laminated, MDF ridden, stainless steel spaceship is only one step away from anxiety and other mental health conditions caused by modern trends.

It is time to make a stand and bring a touch of class back into our homes. Only by doing this will we stop the world descending into a well of design insanity. Follow my top tips, and do your bit to save our future!

The four poster bed must be preserved. The homes of the rich all contain this expression of quality. They can be dressed in different ways using exquisite materials that change with your mood. Yes, my friends, a four poster bed is the answer to introducing class into your bedroom. The bed can have a modern twist by using a memory foam mattress; one of the best inventions of the 20th century.

The use of ornate mirror frames brings back the impression of quality that their modern, frameless counterparts are missing. Gold leaf coated gesso frames in intricate designs will always suit any room. The same principle applies to artwork. Modern, frameless, cheap prints are a thing of the past for people seeking quality.

Floors and Walls
It is time that designers reintroduced carpets as a basic requirement. Laminate, or even tiled floors in the living room make it impossible for people to relax and feel warm, in my opinion. A high quality carpet screams luxury and quality.
Flock wallpaper is, thankfully, still available to those with a true eye for quality. Dress your walls with the best materials, they deserve it.

Blinds, though they have their uses, just don’t create the aura of quality that your room deserves. Thick, flowery curtains that are practical as well as attractive will serve you well over the winter months and accent your furniture perfectly.

French classical style furniture has been around for a few hundred years and is still as popular as ever. A dining suite or a chest of drawers in this design suits most rooms these days. For comfort’s sake, send that modular, modern sofa to the recycling centre and pick u a timeless Leather Chesterfield instead. By acquiring a leather suite you will introduce tradition and timelessness to your living room. Quality furniture will also withstand the rigours imposed upon it by our little cherubs as they create their own memories when growing up.

Consider replacing all of the chrome taps and fittings in your bathroom with gold alternatives. Gold speaks for itself in room design and will always stay in fashion.

The lighting solutions available to you these days are many. A single light bulb in the middle of your room doesn’t say a lot in your favour. Perhaps doing away with the single fitting and introducing a crystal chandelier will give the effect you are looking for. Bold and ornate, the chandelier makes a statement.
Standard lamps are again beginning to appear in the shops, and not before time. Standard and table lamps are the essential alternative to the main room lighting, which sometimes is too bright. Place lamps strategically to change the mood in a room by using furniture and fixtures to create shadow. A cleverly lit room looks awesome.

Now, after following all of my advice, you have a home that will be the talk of your friends and family; guaranteed. Your design is timeless and will carry you through to the day when you meet your maker. Your mark has been made on the world, and you will be remembered by surviving relatives long after you have departed. That, after all, is why we are here.

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