UK Farming Accident Claims

​Strange as it may sound, farms are potentially among the most dangerous places to work. Although the agriculture industry includes only 1.7% of UK’s workforce, it accounts for 16% of fatal accidents to workers. According to a report published by the Health and Safety Executive, on an average, forty-nine people are killed in agriculture accidents. This roughly translates to one person per week. It is only fair that farm workers should be protected by some law. The good news is, they are. If you are one of them and have been the victim of a farm accident, you should know more about UK farming accidents and the ways in which you can file a claim.

UK farming accidents happen for a number of reasons. These might involve farm vehicles, farm machinery, livestock, falling from a height, illness, and injuries caused by hazardous substances. This also includes ilness caused by noise, vibrating farm tools, or exposure to the dust, and so on. Like any other workplace, the owner of the farm is responsible for providing a safe work environment to the workers. When this is not followed and an accident happens, the injured is entitled to a claim. While it might not always be an act of negligence at the first glance, eventually it boils down to it.

A farm owner is also responsible for providing proper training to his/ her worker. This might include the operation of a tool, machinery, or vehicle. When this is not done correctly and an accident happens, a claim may be filed. There are instances in UK farming accidents when both the farm owner and the worker will have to share the liability. There may not be enough proof available for making the owner solely responsible. Care must be taken while filing these kinds of claims. However, if your case is being handled by an expert personal injury claim solicitor, you don’t have to worry.

Another thing that you should keep in mind when you are considering filing a claim for any UK farming accident is the very nature of the accident. That is to say, it has been observed that claims demanding compensation for a physical injury gets leverage. The case is not so when a claim is filed asking for compensation for an injury that is psychological in nature. Although the latter is not ruled out by law, it might be harder to secure as against claims for physical injury.

The first step to file a compensation claim for any UK farming accident is to get in touch with an experienced solicitor. There might be strict time limits that you will have to respect while filing the claim. If you are considering such a claim, you may check out the website of Priority Legal. The firm has been in practice for years and even offers a no-win no-fee facility. Their team of experienced solicitors will not only make the claim process faster and hassle-free, but will also be all ears for all that you have to say. Check their website for more details.

You can find more information on safety on farms in this BBC article.

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