6 Benefits of Cellular Blinds

Cellular blinds, also known as honeycomb shades, are among the most popular window coverings available, and with good reason. Such blinds feature a range of benefits that stretch beyond simply protecting your privacy. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of cellular blinds and why it’s a good idea to choose these shades for your home:

Energy-Efficient Insulation
According to GreenBuildingAdvisor, window shades, if properly installed can save energy. Cellular blinds offer insulation, which is important in the summer as well as the winter. Insulation provides protection from blazing heat and frigid cold, thereby keeping the home cool and warm as needed. Not only does insulation equal a more comfortable home environment, it also keeps utility bills low! A well-insulated house means HVAC systems won’t have to work as hard to keep a home cool or warm, resulting in lower bills. An energy-efficient home also emits less harmful substances into the environment.

Light Filtering/Blocking Options
Another benefit of cellular blinds is their ability to block and filter light. All cellular blinds offer privacy, however some are designed to block sunlight completely, while others filter light. Grade of light filtration simply depends on customer needs, so discuss options with family members or roommates if desired before making a purchase. For example, those that block light completely have long been popular with photographers as well as people who work at night and need to rest during the day. Light-filtering cellular blinds are ideal for those who keep lots of plants in their houses or otherwise enjoy filling their homes with natural light. Keep in mind that there is a difference between cellular shades and solar shades.

Top Down Bottom Up
“Top Down Bottom Up” refers to cellular blinds’ ability to open by pulling the bottom to meet the top and vice versa. This allows options in terms of privacy and light control--have the shade drawn completely, open fully or somewhere in between! Create beautiful views or enjoy total privacy depending on the room. Cordless cellular blinds are ideal for children’s rooms as they make it easy to parents to choose how open or not they want blinds to be without worrying about child interference. Blinds are undetectable when fully raised!

Easy to Install, Numerous Color Options
Cellular blinds mount from the inside and are easy to install. Blinds come in a wide variety of colors, making it easy to find shades that match home decor or certain room’s color scheme.

Motorized Versions
Opening and closing your cellular blinds can be as easy as clicking a button! Opt for motorized versions and open and close your blinds as though flipping on a light switch or turning the television off.

Cellular blinds continue to increase in popularity, making them more affordable than ever before. Purchase blinds for one room or your entire home depending on house style and budget.

The decision to purchase cellular shades is one that conserves energy, saves money and keeps the home comfortable in addition to providing beautiful window treatments. 

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