Carpe Diem Graduation Concert

For today's #ThrowbackThursday and #SingaporeMemoryProject, I am posting my girl's Carpe Diem graduation concert memories. When we finally got our permanent resident status in August 2008, we enrolled her at Carpe Diem while waiting for January primary school opening. It is where she learned how to speak English fluently, was introduced to a few basic Chinese language and able to mingle and adapt in a multi-racial environment.

The graduation concert was held at Tampines Community Club located near our old rented flat on the 28th of November 2008. As you can see from the above collage, my girl had so much fun with her classmates. Their performances made us, spectators, smile from ear to ear as we witness a big milestone in our children's lives.

The stage mommy in me kept waving to my girl as she dances gracefully along with her new found friends. I still remember how I signal her to smile while dancing by pointing my two forefingers at the corner of my mouth whilst smiling widely.

Look at my baby girl proudly wearing a toga! She was only 6 years old then. This year, she's turning 12, just a year shy away from being a teenager! Why do children grow too fast? 


  1. Oh so cute!!! bilis ng panahon! She will be a teen ager in a few months! Goodluck!! Hehehe

  2. oh, K is so cute, then and now, and her joy always show in those faces.