Our Mount Faber Love Story

There's a reason why Mount Faber is very close to our hearts. We chose The Jewel Box, Singapore's Iconic Hilltop Destination as a venue for our wedding dinner celebration in 2007. 

After our civil wedding ceremony at the Philippine Embassy, we had an intimate wedding reception at The Glass Bar. We only had our witnesses and closest friends with us as both our families back home couldn't fly in time for the special occasion. Nevertheless, it turned out to be one of the most memorable event in our life as a married couple. 

Almost every year, we try our best to revisit the iconic place and reminisce the unforgettable memories we made there. The photo above was taken in 2012, right after my media coverage of the first Red Bull Flugtag in Singapore which was held at Siloso Beach. Hubby and I took the cable car from Sentosa all the way to Mount Faber. 

It is when we found out that the place where we had our wedding dinner was no longer known as The Glass Bar but Black Opal. The kind staff of Black Opal allowed us to take some photos for posterity even though we were inappropriately dressed. We were supposed to dine there but we were out the whole day so we rushed back home to have dinner with the kids instead. 

Last year on the night of our wedding anniversary, we took the cable ride again to Mount Faber from Harbourfront station. This time around, we managed to dine at Spuds & Aprons (formerly known as Black Opal). Although the iconic gourmand place keeps re-branding, it never gets old to us. In fact, we loved the most recent change. I will share with you our latest dining experience there in another post. 

Teaser: Spuds & Aprons now offers a more relaxed environment. No more formal dress code and elegant restaurant setting which to most people are synonymous to an expensive dining experience. After a second dining experience there, we are now looking forward to bring the kids along on our next visit and tell with them our Mount Faber love story. :D

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  1. you two really make a beautiful pair, Che. love all those shots, happy shots. time flies, but your faces don't tell, forever young I guess :)

  2. Psssttt kilig much! I love seeing Mond's signature pose... wrapping his arms around your waist: )