Radiant Floor Heating & Other Alternative Solutions

If you're searching for alternative ways to cool or heat an area, an experienced company can provide you with information on your options and skilled installation services. Contrary to traditional heating and cooling systems, others such as radiant in-floor heating, geothermal systems, and Heatmor furnaces, can help you cut back on energy costs without sacrificing quality. Dependable companies will assess your needs and preferences, and assist you with making an intelligent selection. Each system boasts a variety of advantages, and a heating/cooling provider can assist you in choosing and maintaining the right system for your home, business, and a multitude of other spaces.

Systems for Every Space
Whether you're in need of heating and/or cooling services for a residential, commercial, industrial, or newly constructed space, a qualified company can accommodate your needs. Customer service and dependable expertise are imperative traits every heating/cooling provider should possess. A company you can trust will offer not only reasonable pricing, but a medley of reliable maintenance services, discounted repairs, and yearly inspections of your unit. Choosing a provider whose main focuses are delivering friendly, knowledgeable services as well as fair prices will save you a considerable amount of money, time and hassle.

Radiant In-Floor
There are a number of alternative heating methods a certified company can offer for your home, business, or other area. Radiant floor heating is one of three common unique heating methods currently in use. As a hydronic system, radiant floor heating produces warmth generated from hot water that flows directly from a boiler through a collection of pipes, valves, and other parts located under a floor. There are a few benefits to radiant floor heating, such as lack of noise, no bulky equipment, and no harmful air contaminants. In-floor heating also produces even warmth, and eliminates cold spots due to poor circulation.

Geothermal Pumps
Another popular, cost-efficient alternative to traditional systems is geothermal. Geothermal units utilize ground source energy, such as the heating effect the sun has on the earth's surface. Heat pumps filled with fluid, warm and cool areas by absorbing warmth during the winter and coolness during the summer. Once energy absorbed from the earth is circulated through water-to-refrigerant and refrigerant-to-air exchangers, it’s converted to either warm or cool air. Installation of a geothermal system can be done virtually anywhere, and it carries a few advantages, such as lower electricity costs, less humidity, the option to adjust heat or coolness in different areas, quietness and safety.

Heatmor Furnaces
Heatmor systems are another economical, efficient form of heating that delivers excellent benefits for the user. Heatmor furnace units are built from stainless steel, and can be accommodated in a variety of areas, such as your home, garage, pool or spa area, business, or other areas. Unlike traditional furnaces, Heatmor units can burn used oil, wood, and corn to effectively heat surrounding areas cleanly and cost-effectively. By implementing a convenient, versatile system, you'll benefit from lower energy costs. Qualified heating and cooling companies can help you maintain your Heatmor system, and provide round-the-clock customer service you can depend on.

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