Reward Sites that Actually Pay

Watch videos online and earn cash for it.” While there have been some online websites that appear to waste people’s time, it’s entirely possible to earn money with some websites and people do it daily. These websites are referred to as “reward” websites because for certain tasks, such as taking surveys, trying out products, purchasing products and other tasks, people are rewarded in credits and cash. 

Reward sites earn money from different vendors when reward site members utilize their sites to participate in these activities. This is, in part, due to vendors receiving vital information in the form of surveys to understand their consumers better. It also provides vendors a way to advertise their products and services. On the flipside, consumers gain awareness of these vendors, their products, their services, receive exclusive deals and get a reward depending upon the task engaged in. 

Some favorite tasks include shopping online. For those who conduct their shopping online, using a reward site can provide extra savings. For instance, not only are all the deals central to one location, i.e. through a particular reward site, such as Swagbucks, but because the consumer receives credits or cash back on their purchases, extra money can be saved on top of an existing mark down on price.

When credits are earned, the credits can be transferred into prizes, money or gift cards. Gift cards and cash tends to be the most popular rewards. However, when credits are turned in for gift cards, the exchange tends to favor the reward site member more than if they request cash. If the cash is going to be used for shopping in the future, it makes sense to get a greater return on credits and opt for the gift card directly. 

While some reward sites can be a waste of time, there are legitimate sites out there that are dependable and reward their members for engaging in a host of activities. The best activities to use are the ones a person would use normally so that two birds are killed with one stone. If someone is currently watching TV, a survey about TV or watching videos online can provide a way to pass time, but also earn credits or money at the same time. Some sites will reward members for playing online games; it all depends on the reward site chosen. 


  1. i haven't tried these, thanks for sharing Che, maybe i could use some of this when i don't have much to do, watch something and get paid :)

  2. hmmmm pretty interesting...will try it one of these days :)