3 Types of Bags Every Woman Should Have

As of this writing, I don't own a single IT bag. First things first, what does IT bag means? According to wikipedia, It bag is a colloquial term from the fashion industry used in the 1990s and 2000s to describe a brand or type of high-priced designer bag by makers such as Chanel, Herm├Ęs, or Fendi that becomes a popular best-seller. Apart from not being affluent to buy such IT bags, luxurious bags are just not my thing. I would rather save up for travel than own one if I ever I get the chance to live in excess.

Well, my criteria for buying a bag is very simple. It has to be functional, durable and lastly, presentable. Yes, design and "It-ness" (if there is such a word) for me is the last thing I consider when I want to acquire a new bag. The most expensive bags I bought to this date were from pocket-friendly (because I bought them during a massive sale) brand like Guess. If you have seen me carrying an authentic Prada bag, it doesn't count as I bagged it from a thrift store for less than fifty dollars.

Here's my own idea of IT (IT in my personal definition is "must have") bags:

1. Sling Bag
A very special friend gifted me with a branded sling bag that I carry with me when I am out and about running an errand in a non-working day. It holds my basic necessities like a packet of tissue paper, wallet, handphone, tiny folded umbrella, a tiny bottle of water, comb, compact powder and a lipstick. What I love about it is it's many pockets to keep my things well-organized.

2. Tote Bag
Last Christmas, the hubby gifted me with a spacious and water-proof Lacoste tote bag. I used it on our recent trip to Malacca with the kids in tow. It holds my kids' travel essentials like the iPad, big water bottle, finger foods, wet wipes, their favourite toys and what-nots.  What I love about it is it's ability to withstand the test of times a.k.a. spilled juices, milk and water. If you don't have kids, you can opt to buy Longchamp tote bag from ZALORA Singapore which is also ideal for travel or everyday use.

3. Shoulder Bag
A shoulder bag is a must have for every woman most especially if you are working. Always choose a chic and durable shoulder bag that you can carry when you go to work and can double time as party bag after working hours. Of course it doesn't have to be Louis Vuitton, Prada and the likes but if you have the means and guts to splurge, then go for it.

Happy bag shopping!


  1. Me too- echoing you on your first sentence:) I love sling bags! A longchamp tote bag would be great to have!: )

  2. I love backpacks, of course :) and aside from backpack, well, sling bag. though I do have shoulder bags and other kind of bags, but my most abused ones are the backpacks and slings for they are highly functional.

  3. Nice read! I like the suggestions.