Blog Soul Searching in Progress

Pardon the lack of update here, I have been contemplating about "rebooting" Sweet Memoirs. I am infinitely aware how much clutter I have created here so I badly need to do some kind of spring cleaning and sorting things out to revive my passion in blogging. I somehow lost my blogging mojo entirely when my page rank turned zero. I feel like a robot now who blogs only when I am obliged to do so. Very frustrating and disappointing I must say...

Having said that, I was given a sparkle of hope when Google gave back my PR2 after submitting an appeal. It felt like my blog was given a second life and because of that, I wanted to take my own sweet time to do some blog soul searching so that I could restart afresh. Please give me some time to clean up, think and meditate so that when I start blogging frenzy once again, I want you to feel that every article I publish here is a by-product of love and hard work.

Thank you so much for your untiring support in my blogging journey.

Blessings and love from me to you,



  1. congrats Che. i try to be not defeated by google PR, i was so tired from cleaning tjosl that i can't help but cry, i got bad headache and migraine too from cleaning up, i told myself i rather be writing and sharing instead of following google. so i took a breather from cleaning up and write something, i felt better after that. though, sometimes, when i think back, i felt sad for having penalized, i have some opps for tjosl but i all declined them, i just posted those for tss. i too am lost which direction am i going with blogging, if i struggle cleaning up tjosl, i may not be able to clean up bibo, but i don't want to think about it, otherwise, i'll cry again. :(

    1. i feel your pain, Beth. like i said before, i know very well how much love and effort you pour in your blog posts, be it sponsored or not. i guess, you are right. the best to do is not think about it, and it will soon pass. we all learned a lesson the hard way, in one way or another.

  2. I feel all of your pain as far as blogging is concerned. These past 2 years, I lost one blog after another and in the process I lost the joy of blogging..I dislike the domain name aspect of it because advertisers prefer it.

    Just take your time, and do what is best for you!

  3. hi missy! truth to be told,
    i do miss reading your daily musings about life, family and your rants without the adverts. ^0^
    remember how you've always wanted me to join sponsored posts?
    well, i've been always declined for reasons like: i still don't have a main domain,
    i don't get much readers and followers and i don't blog that often. :(
    well, as much as i would have wanted to, real life comes first, and sometimes.
    it does eats your time and energy. ^-^
    i wish blogging were that simple without its complexity,
    i don't want to be restrained to blog about something i'm not sure what i'm blabbing about. ^-^
    i do hope that things will get back to normal and as you say REfresh !
    whatever you've decided,
    i;m all for it.
    here's my *hug* support for you! ^0^

  4. The hardest part is over and we learned our lesson well... it is time to blogparty again ayeeee: )