10 Fun Things to Do at Port of Lost Wonder

We were one the the privileged families to witness the private pre-view of Port of Lost Wonder (POLW) at Sentosa Island two years ago. My boy was barely a year old then so it's just K who enjoyed frolicking at the Pirate Ship water playground.

The kids requested to have some water fun at the beach last Mother's Day but since it was a special day, we decided to bring them to Singapore's first kids' club by the beach instead of staying at our usual spot at Palawan Beach. We glad we did because there are more things to do now at POLW. Here are a few things that you and your kids will surely enjoy doing there:

1. Birthday Party
If you are looking for a kid's birthday party venue, consider POLW's Celebration Island. Nothing beats holding a party outdoors under the shade of a tree. The kids will surely feel the difference of the refreshing ambiance and enjoy the gentle sea breeze and peaking sunlight in between the tree branches. I am considering holding my boy's birthday party here when he turns 7 y/o.

2. Bubble Party
If your kids are as crazy as mine over bubbles, this is the place to be! The huge bubble "pool" will surely make your kids go mad about endless bubble fun! My kids had a blast blowing bubbles towards each other. I posted of picture of them having so much fun here. It made my Mother's Day complete because at the end of the day, their joy is my happiness.

3. Picnic at Hatch Patch
Hatch Patch is located right beside the Pirate Ship water playground. It is a perfect spot for parents to rest, catch a breath of fresh air (literally and figuratively), or read a book while lying on their bellies on a soft cushioned mat. For us, it is an ideal place for a family picnic! Just order food from Port Belly and they will lay it down for you nicely on top of the white benches.

4. Endless Water Fun at Pirate Ship
Kids are assured to have endless water fun at the Pirate Ship. It features wading pools, fun slides, water jets, water guns and spouts, fountains, huge water bucket and so much more (see photo at the beginning of this post). It is suitable for children aged 3-10 y/o.

5. Arts and Craft
If your kids are into arts and craft, you can bring then inside this air-conditioned room next to Just Wonder to keep their hands busy. Do check out arts and craft sessions schedule for the day to make sure you won't miss it. They also hold story-telling time for kids here at certain timings.

6. Nature Love at Curiosity Island
Let your kids marvel about plants and animals at Curiosity Island. It is a good place for them to explore, observe, and learn interactively by getting their hands dirty. Do check out the schedule for the bird show.

7. Sand Play 
When kids gets tried from frolicking in the water playground, you can bring them at the sand play area right next to Hatch Patch.

8. Eat and chill at Port Belly
If picnic under the tree is not your thing, you can opt to eat and chill at Port Belly Restaurant. They offer burgers, pizza, fries and other munchies.

9. Shop at Just Wonder
Just wonder will take care of all your needs in case you decide to have fun at POLW unprepared. They have swimsuits, flipflops, and more. You can also shop for a souvenir there if you wish to.

10. Escape to the Beach
POLW have an access to Palawan Beach. You can always satisfy the beach bum in you by making an exit at the beach access door.

If you wish to spend a day at POLW with your kids, click here for complete information.

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  1. Escape to the beach, endless bubble and water play- I want!!!!: )