3 Important Things to Consider Before Planning for Baby No. 3

I am seriously considering to have one more baby. In fact, I gave myself a deadline this year because I am already 35 years not that old young. My baby no.1 and baby no.2's big age gap isn't by choice but by the grace of God. HE truly knew the perfect time to answer our fervent prayers to have a baby boy. By the time I got pregnant in 2011 after a painful waiting game for a couple of years, we were considerably really financially stable and emotionally well-prepared.

Having said that, planning for baby no.3 is a totally different story. We just acquired our own flat last year and our bank savings account have not fully recovered from the big investment that we made. As much as we wanted to have one more baby girl, we really need to consider a few important things specifically:

1. Financial stability
Like I mentioned, our savings dropped to almost zero when we bought an HDB flat. We can actually afford to have one more baby but it will be a real challenge to sacrifice a few things like future travel plans and other things that require unnecessary extra expenses.

2. Emotional preparedness
This applies to both the husband and I and of course, our baby no.1 and baby no.2. Without a doubt, our baby no.1 is the one who has been bugging us for a baby sister. Baby no.2 on the other hand always give us a big NO when asked whether he wants a baby sister or baby brother. As for myself and the hubby, we are more than happy to have one more baby girl.

3. Availability of help 
When my baby no.1 asked our helper, "What if mommy gives birth to one more baby?", she quickly dismissed the idea and said "I am going to resign, I cannot take good care of a toddler and a newborn baby at the same time." What if she really resigns before or after I give birth to baby no.3? We definitely need to think of solutions even before the problem arises.

Did I miss anything? Hmmmn... How about you? What are the things you carefully considered before planning for another baby?


  1. Great article!... wish I could still have one... my boys were both products of hurried LOVE, unplanned but envisioned and definitely the BEST blessings in our life. Goodluck on the nanny part. Am sure you have mastered the "making" part by now. Hehehe: )

  2. haha, I can understand very well why baby #2 would say no, after all, he is still very much a baby and a new baby will take the attention off him and he may be afraid to lose a nanny :)

  3. All the best but don't stress! We're trying for Baby #2 :) I grew up with 2 older sisters so having 3 kids is nice especially if you're the youngest hahaha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. To me, the most important thing I'm considering is my age. Because it determines my baby's health. I've been mostly pregnant or looking after newborn for the past 3 years, about to give birth to no.2 in 2 months! We are likely to go for no.3. Since I'm also not that young anymore (34 this year), it has to happen very soon.