5 Tips on How To Look Good When You are Pregnant

Ante Script

I don't know what's gotten into me but I shared the above photo taken in 2011 on my facebook wall yesterday and captioned, "4 months preggers, please pardon the messy hair and ugly brackets."

As of this writing, the photo garnered 121 likes and 38 comments. I felt so childish for intentionally fooling my family and friends and I didn't know how to respond to all the overwhelming and heart-warming likes and comments.

So today, I posted another pregnant photo of me and captioned, "Spoiler alert! I gave myself a deadline to consider having one more baby this year. I wish I am pregnant now but the photos were actually taken in 2011. Wishful lang but thank you so much for your heart-warming messages.#naughtyme"

I also edited the caption of the previous photo to this: "4 months preggers, please pardon the messy hair, crooked eyebrows and ugly brackets.  #throwback"

But even after doing so, I still get congratulatory comments. Gosh! What have I done? Hahaha!

Since I was in a pregnant photo craze, I posted yet another pregnant photo of me with the caption: "One of the happiest days of my life..."

My conscience whispered to me that when I posted all of the photos above, my real intention was to fish for compliments. True that! To my shallow happiness, I did catch a few "beautiful and blooming" compliments and I was over the moon! #typicalhumanbeing

With all honesty, whilst I was browsing all my pregnant photos yesterday and earlier today, I realized I looked more decent when I was pregnant than I am today. Nowadays, I seldom get the chance to doll up myself any more simply because I'd rather catch up on some lost sleep than wake up earlier to prettify myself before going to work.

The only time you see me decent these days is either when I am travelling (I definitely want to look good in my travel photos, heehee) or when I am attending events via media invites (because I need to look presentable).

Oh well, before I give you more excuses why I am always caught without make up after pregnancy, let me share some tips on how I stayed beautiful and blooming (you/they said so, heehee) despite sporting a huge belly.

Main Script

Here you go!

Tip no. 1 - Wear accessories. Accessories will do wonders to your boring preggy outfit. When I posted this photo on Facebook, I was complimented for using a pink scarf with leopard prints to spice up my boring black and grey outfit.

Tip no. 2 - Don't buy baggy looking maternity clothes. It will make you feel even bigger than you actually are. Opt to buy chic maxi dresses that you can use even after pregnancy or sleeveless tops that hugs your belly snugly and covers your butt nicely. Pair it with a comfortable leggings and you are good to go.

Tip no. 3 - Wear black. It will make your belly look smaller than it actually is in reality. Needless to say, when you wear black, you won't feel too big when surrounded by skinny people. :D

Tip no. 4 - Wear make up. Basics will do the trick. Put on lipstick, eye-shadow,  mascara and draw your eyebrows nicely with a good eyebrow pencil.

Tip no. 5 - Constantly surround yourself with the people you love. Sans make-up, accessories, and other tricks, you will naturally glow when you are truly happy.

Let me say this again, one of the happiest days of my life was when I was pregnant. It was the very reason why I actually looked "beautiful and blooming" then. Now, please excuse me, I am off to baby making! LOL.


  1. Hahahahaha well what can I say? You totally rock! writing-wise, modelling-wise and mommying and wifying... this makes me wish I could still get preggy hahaha hmmm unlike you though I was such an ugly preggy hahahaha :) yabyew!: ) my favorite photo? hmmm 1st one!...

  2. hahahah! whew, you got me in that last line, the best of luck and all my support for the "baby making" now Che, anyway, you look pretty and beautiful, preggy or not, I really love your "kayumanggi" beauty, and K is growing a lot like you too, sooooooo beautiful!!!!

  3. Waa! Di nga pumasok ang comment ko last night. Therefore I conclude, it does not work when I am using my mobile phone :-/

    Anyhow, just wanna let you know Dokie that you're one of the most fab and ravishing preggy Mommy that I have ever had the fortune of knowing. So chic and classy! I love all the captures. Mas lalong na-emphasize ang beauty mo.

    I will keep in mind all these tips especially when my husband and I will be blessed enough to get pregnant later. All I know is that, I will never be seen wearing baggy clothes. Hahaha! I never really do anyway. Just not my style, hehehe!

    Keep rocking this blog, Dokie! Mwah!