Fruit Paradise Cafe (Tampines Mall)

During one of my usual Fri-date with K, I suggested we eat at Pastamania because I haven't had a good pasta dish in a while. On our way to Pastamania, K spotted Fruit Paradise Cafe and begged me to go there instead.

Their fruitilicious wall display intrigued me so I gave in to the girl's plea. After all, we were supposed to try a new cafe/restaurant everytime we have a date. Can you spot K in this photo? While waiting for our order, she told me that one of her classmates has tried eating there before and recommended her to try too.

Here's what we devoured:

1) Chicken Cutlet Curry Rice (K's pick)
The curry rice came in such a huge serving, it made me thankful I decided not to order another one for myself. It passed my girl's picky taste buds and I can attest it was good! Obviously, I ended up helping her to finish it but I was more than happy to do so. :D

2) Chocolate Banana Tart (K's pick)
This chock-full tart of fresh banana coins, chocolate and almonds doesn't just look good but taste good too! My girl was happy with her choice of dessert.

3) Mixed Berries Chocolate Tart (MomMe's pick)
The berry loving girl's heart in me danced in delight with this berrilicious tart! I have to commend the plating of the tarts too, it added so much joy to my Fri-date with my firstborn.

As an evidence that we loved what we ate, we bought some nutty caramel tart for daddy and the little boy to savour and enjoy at home. :D

The only thing I didn't like from our dining experience is that when we transferred to a bigger table because we find the table for two way to small to accommodate the big plates of curry and our desserts, one of the crew glared at me from a distance instead of helping us. After we settled on the bigger table, she came to fix the table that we left looking very unhappy.

Fruit Paradise Cafe
Tampines Mall
4 Tampines Central 5 #04-30/31 

Singapore 529510

Tel: 6789 8262

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