How to Become Healthier as a Family

If you want to take steps to becoming healthier as a family, then I’d like to congratulate you! Too many families spend all of their time lazing around, eating junk, and watching TV...what sort of a life is that?! Humans were put on this earth to be as active as possible, so that’s what we should do. We were also built to eat the most natural, healthy food there is - so treats need to be kept to a minimum! Let’s take a look at how you can become healthier as a family:


Stop Buying Rubbish
The main reason families become so unhealthy is because they can’t resist buying rubbish from the supermarket. If you’ve got junk in the house, whether it’s a tub of ice cream or a mini snickers, somebody is going to eat it. Only buy essential foods on your weekly shop, like protein, fruit, vegetables, healthy carbohydrates, etc. Avoid buying junk food like chocolate, pop, and crisps.

Go Exploring
The world is there to be explored! Plan exploring activities, even just short walks in your area to get your blood pumping.

Plan Regular Activities
Make sure you plan regular activities apart from walking too, like swimming, snowboarding, bike rides, and other fun things that you’ll all enjoy.

Drink Lots of Water
Water should be the first drink you all go to when you feel a thirst coming on. We need to drink at least 2 litres a day to function properly, so make sure you all carry a bottle with you. Avoid sugary juice, pop, milk, and other calorific drinks. Even diet drinks are no good for us, but allow yourself a small one, only if you have to every so often.

Cook Healthy Food and Eat It Together
Cooking together is fun, and eating together is a great bonding activity. Instead of eating round the TV, eat together round the table. You can also play around with green smoothie blenders for a tasty, healthy drink!

Eat Treats in Moderation

You shouldn’t cut out all treats, but you do need to have them in moderation. Eating them every single day is not healthy! Maybe have a couple of treats on the weekend, like ice cream after a walk and a nice meal at your favourite restaurant. Try not to buy these treats though, as you’ll more than likely end up eating them throughout the week.

Clean the House Together
Do as many household chores together as possible to get active and get everything done quicker!

Watch Less TV
Instead of sitting in front of the TV every night, why don’t you all talk about what you’ve done that day? You could even encourage your children to read books before bed, rather than getting simulated by the TV and their computer.

Stop Eating When You’re Full
Many people continue to eat even when they’re full, but this stretches the stomach and gives us a false idea of portion sizes. Adults usually plate up double the amount a child needs too! Make sure you all stop eating when you’re full, no matter what you have left.

Are you going to become a healthier family with these tips? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Very sensible tips, so true, a lot of families miss the joy of being out for tvs and they are very busy that way