In-love with Colours

If you are my follower in IG, you'll know how colourful my life is with the kids. They love to paint/doodle using crayons, acrylic paint, water colour, colour pencils and all sorts of colouring materials we have at home. Although it can be messy most of the time, I do enjoy every moment I spent with them colouring/doodling especially with the little one. 

The truth is, I normally get the kids to colour for fun (and to keep them away from the iPad or TV) but an article by Sarah listed 9 reasons why colouring is important, both for adults and kids. You can read it here

Since my boy is into colours (trivia: at the age of 2, he can identify the basic colours both in words and actual colour), imagine his delight when Logitech sent me their Wireless Mouse M235 Colour Collection. The moment I got hold of the package from the delivery guy he blurted out, "Mama, open present. A toy!" Haha! I replied, "Let mama take a photo first, okay?" to which he protested of course. Obviously, he was more excited than I am to open my unexpected gift. Good thing my girl just left for her supplementary class when we received the gift otherwise, there will surely be a commotion on who will get to open it.

As a result, I didn't really get decent photos of the box before and after opening it. The two photos above were taken a day after, whilst the boy is taking a nap. The box came with a pretty red ribbon and when the boy opened the box, the Logitech's Wireless Mouse M235 Colour Collection were neatly packed with a divider and their corresponding colour of paper cut outs. You can see my low resolution Instagram photos of it @sweetmemoirs with the hashtag #logitech and #colourcollection. 

You bet my boy had so much fun with the colourful mouse and paper cut outs. He threw the paper cut outs up in the air as if they were a confetti, as his little celebration for receiving colourful "toys". #thewondersofkids

My kid's simple joys aside (sorry, I always get carried away telling fun stories about my kids) let me introduce you:

Logitech® Wireless Mouse M235
*Description: As part of the 2014 Logitech Colour Collection, the Logitech® Wireless Mouse M235 offers powerful wireless connection packaged in vibrant colour blends. The new line includes eye-catching bolds which allows you to express your style and individuality. 

Choices of colour from the collection were:

1. Green Envy
If you are frank, sociable, self-effacing and modest, this is suitable for you. I would love to give this one to hubby because his favourite colour is green but he is definitely not sociable. :D

2. Blue Bliss
If you are patient, persevering, conscientious and self-controlled, buy this one! It actually reminds me of my bluetiful soul sister.

3. Daring Diva
If you are bold, compassionate, understanding and supportive, this one is for you. My very compassionate, understanding and supportive friend would love to have this for sure. :)

And last but definitely not the least;

4. Bubble Bath
If you are charming, gentle, delicate and sensitive like me (except for the charming and gentle part, haha), pick this! Such an eye candy, don't you agree?

I know, i know! Prettiness comes second when it comes to buying gadgets so please read on before you tell me you prefer functional over a pretty mouse. 

*Key Features:
  • Improved control: Goodbye tricky touchpad. Equipped with Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking, you get more cursor control and more precision on more surfaces than with standard optical tracking. Thanks to precision clicking, pointing and dragging, everything you do on your laptop is now easier and you don't even need a mouse pad.
  • Powerful wireless connection: Logitech's Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connection gives you the reliability of a corded connection but with wireless convenience and freedom. And the tiny nano receiver stays in your laptop, so there's no need to unplug it. 
  • Extended battery life: The on/off switch helps conserve power, a smart sleep mode extends battery life and an indicator light eliminates surprises.
  • Comfy design: Built with a comfy, contoured design, soft rubber grips and a smooth scroll wheel, this mouse is packaged in perfect compact size. 
*Price: SGD 29 (now available in your favourite gadget stores)

For the life of a busy momMe, I have not tried using any of the mouse so I will add a post script here to give you a feedback once I get to use them. 

Thank you, Ivan of SPRG and Logitech for sending the gift to me. Such a delightful advance Mother's Day present. As if you know pretty well how I love a colourful life.  :D
*Information provided by Logitech
POST SCRIPT: I started using my Bubble Bath mouse at work the other day and I.LOVE.IT! I love how precise it is, i love how comfy and smooth it feels in my hands, and i love how powerful this little beauty is! I am never going to use wired mouse again!


  1. Hmmmmm the blue one is really candilicious to my eyes!!!: ) the workaholic hubby would love one!: )

  2. I love it! It's hard to choose one over the other. All for of them looks really darn cute

  3. That's a nice idea! Colored computer mouse? Brilliant! This will go with every color theme you have at home. And the meaning that goes with it are amusing too. :) It reminds me of taking psychological tests concerning color choices. :D

  4. Love the color, that's a great gift from log it ech Che, I could imagine G 's happiness.

  5. Simply colorful mouse.. the blue bliss fits my taste.

  6. Awwww I love those colors and how awesome to have it all!

  7. I like the peach color mouse, it's really me charming, gentle, delicate and sensitive lol!

  8. Those are beautiful colors of wireless mouse Sis :-) I am using one right now but in gray color. I really love their wireless mouse. It works perfectly :-)

  9. wow! as in woooowwwwww!...i soooo love it...i am sure your kids love it. ganda, sobra!