My Motherhood Dictionary

I have been meaning to write my own motherhood dictionary after reading Karen Cheng's Parenting is... a few months ago but due to all sorts of excuses I have up on my sleeve, I failed to complete A-Z until today. In time for Mother's Day, I am more than happy to share this dictionary to all my fellow mummies in the whole wide world.


  • that exact feeling after yelling to your kids


  • a minion (or whatever you choose to call your little boy) who likes cars, robots, balls, bicycles and other masculine what-nots
  • a minion who has five times the energy of a girl
  • a little man who stole your heart from his dad

  • a relatively guilt-free snack you can stuff in your child's mouth when you ran out of fresh fruits or raisins


  • a grown up man who loves to toss babies up in the air and play rough with kids 
  • a life-saver when you wish to take a much needed time away from your kids
  • the funniest clown on earth, the only person who could make your kids laugh out so hard that you start to realize how boring a parent you are

  • pony rides
  • pillow fights
  • train rides
  • Disneyland
  • Legoland
  • Water park
  • a trip to the beach
  • a trip to the zoo


  • the most unimaginable words that comes out from your kids' mouth

  • that awesome feeling when your kids recover from an illness

  • watching your kid suffer from illness when you already did everything you could to lessen his/her pain

  • a two-year old who utters and/or read identify words you never taught

  • the most nutritious-less snack you feed your children 

  • the most delicate, silkiest, smoothest and softest skin and lips of a baby

  • the most profound thing you feel in your heart towards your children


  • a chauffeur
  • a cook
  • a magic kisser
  • a teacher
  • a tutor
  • a playmate
  • a cleaner
  • a storyteller
  • a motivator
  • an adviser
  • a mechanic
  • a hairdresser
  • a doctor
  • a nurse
  • a therapist
  • a masseuse
  • a cheerleader
  • a needlewoman
  • a librarian
  • a dancer
  • a singer
  • an actress
  • a puppeteer
  • an engineer 
  • a milk maker/provider
  • a chemist
  • an illustrator
  • a hygienist
  • a psychologist
  • a scientist
  • a trainer
  • a 24-hour guard on duty

  • the most common negative word you use every single day (i e; no touching, no pushing, no climbing)

  • that feeling when your child says, "I love you, Mama. You are the best!" complete with a tight hug

  • a non-existent word (Please refer to letter S)


  • a non-stop thing you get from a toddler

  • something you could hardly have time for

Stalker - a minion (or whatever you choose to call your toddler) who follows you everywhere and when I say everywhere, that includes the restroom when you are doing your business or taking a quick shower.

Silence - either the kids are sleeping or they are up to something.


  • preparing baby stuff when going places

  • sharp things/corners 
  • teeny tiny objects
  • doors
  • windows
  • roads

  • locks of hair from your kid's first haircut
  • umbilical cord stump
  • all other sentimental stuff related to your kids

  • your kids

  • something you wish your children will never have now or in the near future

  • something you frequently do due to sleep deprivation

  • a mother with dark eye circles due to sleep deprivation

Whether you are a SAHM, a WAHM, or FTWM, here's a salute on all your hard work and dedication as a mother. 

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I will be adding more words here as and when they pop in my brain. Feel free to add some words and their meaning in the comment box. :)


  1. I'll go for E, exciting looks like an exciting list indeed... the M is kind of given, been there, done that and I know I'll get stuck here for so long as I Nice collection :)

  2. Happy Mother's Day! I had fun reading your mommy dictionary. So true especially "P" - they are priceless, indeed

  3. letter Z cracks me! Oh, motherhood...:) Happy Mother's day to you!

  4. hi sissy, M is for super mom! ^0^
    a friend was just sharing her Motherhood happiness yesterday and
    i always have high RESPECT and ADMIRATION * emphasize on those words.*
    as to how one could multi-task / manage / do things all at one time! ^0^

    i'm not even a mom yet, but dark circles and stress are beginning to hover me! hehe.
    i guess, it's really a different feeling once you're a mom.

    happy Mothers day dear.

    i love how you say P is a non existent word. ^-^

  5. wow, love the list, and long list for mother which all applies :) nanay was such a wonderful chemist and accountant in one :) and actually, many many more :)

  6. Cute Motherhood dictionary. Napangiti ako sa letter Z.

  7. yay! you have it all sis and I so agree with every definition you had of Motherhood.

  8. love this glossary for mothers! haha i always have sweets for my daughter haha

  9. These are very sweet and fun dictionary words ;) I am on H right now as my Kuya K is sick :-( but he is feeling better now :-)

  10. A long list on the letter M and it's true, a mother does it all!

  11. made me smile the M...yeah, very true. though i can not relate the daddy stuff..hahaha