9 Perfect Gifts for a Newborn Baby

If somebody you know has just had a baby, you’ve probably got a feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach. That’s because it’s gift buying time, and you probably have absolutely no idea on what appropriate gift you can buy for this kid - am I right? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This post will give you a list of great gifts for a newborn baby, so you can stop worrying and start buying. Let’s take a look:

Babies get bought loads of clothes even before they’re born, so you’ll probably want to check with the parents before purchasing any more. However, they may need clothes for when the baby is 6 months and up, for example, rather than newborn clothes, so you could help them out with that.

Teething Toys
It isn’t long before babies start teething, and the parents sure do know about it. Teething toys help to soothe the gums and provide the baby with some much needed relief.

Gift Hampers
A gift hamper gives the baby a bit of everything, so there’s no way you can go wrong! Many gift hampers include toys, clothes, bibs, dummies, and perhaps even essentials like bottles and nappies. You could choose to put your own gift hamper together, and maybe even include a bottle of something nice for the parents. As well as gift hampers, there are some great ideas for baby gifts here!

Balloons are the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of a newborn baby, and can decorate the living room/nursery perfectly. The baby will love looking at them too!

Activity Toys
Perhaps the baby could do with a few activity toys to keep them occupied while the parents make dinner and tidy up. They can simply lie down on a comfortable mat while a mobile spins above them, for example. They love sounds and colours, so activity toys are perfect!

A Money Box
A money box serves two purposes when you give it to a baby as a gift: it’s a lovely keepsake for when they grow up, especially if you have it engraved with their details. It also encourages the baby’s parents to start saving up for them straight away, so the baby has a healthy bank account when they’re older. It may even teach the baby about the value of money in time!

Trinket Box
A little trinket box is the perfect place for the baby to keep all of it’s most precious pieces of jewellery and other tidbits.

A Special Blanket
Babies often keep their special blankets for years and years. You could even design one yourself if you’re good at crocheting or knitting!

A Personalised Print
You could get the baby a nice print to go on the wall of their nursery. Although they won’t appreciate this now, it’ll be something great for them to look at when they grow up. You can have all of their important details put on it, as well as interesting facts about the day they were born.

Worry no more - simply choose a gift from this list and your problem is sorted!

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