10 Quick-fire Reasons Why Meat is the Way Forward

Image courtesy of Robert S. Donavon
One of the biggest debates between healthy-living folks for some time is what constitutes a healthy diet. Many believe that eating meat shouldn’t be included in a healthy diet, but science has explained and proven that a diet with a lack of meat can lead to serious health problems and is a contributor to the obesity, depression and heart disease epidemics.
Cynics blame meat for causing illness, like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol when the cause is actually the overconsumption of sugar and complex carbohydrates, like white rice, beans and potatoes. It leads to so much confusion and people tend to make decisions based on the majority's opinion, and not what they discover themselves.
The kind of meat you eat is important to begin. Avoid processed meat at all costs. It’s filled with additives, nitrates, sugar and salt which can lead to harmful diseases. Go for lean cuts of beef, pork and chicken. Nothing beats a juicy fillet steak with a nutritious sweet potato - both brain and muscle food.
So, here are 10 quick-fire reasons why meat is the way forward:
  1. It’s natural. Biologically, humans were created to be meat eaters. Our bodies require the nourishment good cuts of meat offer, and it’s been like that since the dawn of man.
  2. Muscles. Protein found in lean cuts of meat helps aid muscle fatigue and encourages growth. A good mix of meat and hard work in the gym will see your body transform into a machine.
  3. A lack of meat in a diet can lead to a Candida overgrowth.
  4. A sugar addiction, carb addiction and overeating can arise out of a lack of meat. Your body’s lack of required nourishment will want an excess of the different food groups.
  5. Meat controls the addiction mentioned above
  6. The essential amino acids in meats help our bodily functions run smoothly and correctly
  7. A meat eaters immune system is boosted meaning an influx of antibodies are created to help fight off disease and infection
  8. A lack of meat will disrupt your body’s neurotransmitter that result in a variety of mental illness, such as anxiety, depression and hyperactivity.
  9. Unlike carbs that give you a boost of energy followed by a crash, meat keeps your body-engine ticking at a nice rate, giving you a slow release of energy throughout the day.
  10. It helps you burn fat.
How much meat you should eat with each meal will vary from person to person, depending on your natural needs and what health conditions you may face.  Experts say that slightly more than half of your meal should consist of meat. Your meat should be accompanied with low-starch vegetables and a small amount of fruits, nuts and/or seeds and healthy oils, to maintain a healthy and happy body.
The bottom line is, meat is very good for you in a number of ways. A lack of it is going against what we, as humans, are designed to do in times of eating. Just remember to stay away from the processed section in the supermarket, paying that little bit extra at the butchers is most certainly worth it in the end.

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