Vintage Wedding Reception

Every Saturday morning, my little one and I make a trip to our neighbourhood park to catch some fresh air, marvel in the beauty of nature around us and play either in the basketball court or the playground whilst my pre-teen girl catch up on some sleep and daddy do some work-related stuff.

One Saturday, we passed by a wedding reception down our HDB block. Upon seeing the white tables and chairs adorned with beautiful pastel coloured flowers both fresh and artificial, my boy exclaimed, "Mama, there's a party!", much to my amusement.

What caught my attention was this vintage wedding set up. Isn't it so lovely? I politely asked permission to take a quick snap because it's too pretty and such a pity not to share via social media. :D

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  1. Indeed too pretty not to snap and share!: ) hmmmm a church wedding starring us and our lovey doves is what comes to mind: )