9 Reasons Why You Should Visit Philippines

The Philippines isn’t usually on many folk’s bucket lists. Many people don’t know much about the place, and anyway; why would you go there when you could go to Thailand or China? This post is going to tell you why! Within an hour of arriving in the Philippines, you’ll realise that it’s full of amazing people, scenery, and culture. You could easily stay here for months on end...most people that visit say they don’t want to go home! Here’s why the Philippines is a great place to visit:


The Wonderful People

The people here are unbelievably friendly. People who have never been to this place claim that it’s dangerous, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. They are so kind, understanding, and friendly. You’ll also get called ‘sir’ more times than you can count! They don’t try to sell you anything, they are lovely people, pure and simple.

The Delicious Food

The food here is delicious, but the great thing about it is that you’re unlikely to have eaten it anywhere else. You’ve probably had your fair share of Chinese/Thai food, but the Philippino food is out of this world different. It’s like nothing you’ve eaten before.

It Isn’t Overrun By Tourists

It isn’t uncommon in the Philippines to feel as if you have certain areas all to yourself. Look at it like this: while Thailand might get 20 million visitors in a year, the Philippines is lucky to get 4 million. Exploring without being suffocated by other tourists is one of the best things ever.

The Shopping is Amazing

The shopping in Manila will probably be one of the best places you’ve ever seen for shops. Some say that Manila beats Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Bangkok! The stuff isn’t overpriced either, so you can have a good spree or two without feeling too guilty.

The Beaches are Gorgeous

It’s difficult to find a beach these days that isn’t overcrowded or overdeveloped. There are far too many beaches to name here, but there are around 7000 of them just waiting to be explored.

It’s Cheap as Chips

If you’re on a budget, you can easily enjoy the Philippines comfortably. A ride in a taxi will cost you a couple of pounds, and a decent meal with drinks is even less. Cherry-call.co.uk offer cheap calls to the Philippines too so you can easily stay in touch with family.

It’s Developing Quickly

The place is so clean and it’s developing ever so quickly. The public parks and shopping streets are something to be in awe of for sure. Many people believe that the Philippines is 3rd world...but that’s not the case in the slightest!

They Can All Speak English

The level of English here is extremely high, you’ll be able to communicate with absolutely everybody. It makes traveling much easier, and the locals will be able to recommend things to you that you would never have heard of otherwise.

You Won’t Get Hustled

Visiting markets in Thailand and China can leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed. The sellers there are there to sell hard; that bit is clear. Here in the Philippines, you won’t get scammed or hustled at all. You don’t need to look over your shoulder, and you can trust these guys to charge you a fair price for food, taxi rides, goods, and more. They’re very honest!

I highly suggest you visit this place before anywhere else in Asia!


  1. ...can all speak English! -indeed... :)

  2. I couldn't agree more! People here loves life, whether up or down, we face each day with a smile on our face. :)

  3. Wow! awesome promotion .. To be honest, maganda naman ang Pinas.. Very friendly pa ang mga tao.

  4. Philippines is a full-packed destination. A country of Beautiful places ang PEOPLE!

  5. I have to agree...filipinos are very hospitable and friendly!

  6. Aside from the fact the the value of their money is high whenever they visited this place, there are great natural views in this place too without spending fortune you'll have great fun.

  7. It's more fun in the Philippines. NO matter how great US or other places are, Philippines will still my number one place to stay!