5 Places I've Always Wanted to Visit

If you are a traveler, you may have thought you have seen everything and been everywhere to have ever wanted. However, if you sat down and had a good, long think about the places where you haven’t been you will no doubt be able to scribble down five countries that you would still like to see and visit.

The world is such a varied and extraordinary place with each country offering something different to the other. I have taken some time in preparing my scribbled down list and presenting you my very own five places that I have always wanted to visit

My five places I have always wanted to visit:

Russia is by far the biggest country in the world, by landmass anyway, that it is a place I have always wanted to visit. Even if you break down the country into its different parts then any person will have a hard task to attend it all. The best way to break down any visit to Russia is to outline the places that I wanted to visit. For me, my main area of interest was; St. Basil’s cathedral – this is by far the most beautiful cathedral in the world and is truly stunning, from the photos I have seen anyway. Outside of the cold and bustling cities is the most beautiful natural surroundings in the world. For me, Russia has a little bit of everything.

The Greek Islands
I have been to most islands, but the ones that have evaded me so far is the Greek islands. I have often dreamt of lying on their beaches and bathing in the sun whilst eating olives. The Greek islands are also full of their postcard perfect white buildings and blue skies, so why would you not want to travel here?

I would have thought most people would have Brazil on their bucket list, and it has made its way onto mine. Full of colour and culture, the people of Brazil really do the human race credit. I’m also a huge football fan so I will want to take in a game or two whilst I am there. There is so much to see and do here, with the beaches on one side and the Amazon on the other.

From the Highlands to the cities, Scotland has a lot more to offer than some other countries. Whilst visiting Scotland, I will stay in Glasgow in one of the Citybase Apartments, get to see the local city sights and use it as a base to travel up into the Highlands. Sounds like a great plan.

The country has had a lot of bad press over the years, but things are getting better. I would want to visit Rwanda as I am a huge fan animals and seeing them in their natural habitat. Seeing gorillas in their natural environment would be an absolute pleasure, and I only feel very envious when I see David Attenborough experiencing the very same thing.

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