6 Primary Ways To Change Adult Diapers

For adults who suffer from the chronic or occasional urinary problems constantly face an embarrassing and difficult condition. The solution to this particular situation is the use of incontinence products or using Tena adult diapers. It is not just senior citizens or people with bowel or bladder conditions who use adult incontinence products. Pregnant woman may also use these products..When the baby presses on the bladder all the time it may result in involuntary urinary leakage. Like a toddler’s diaper, the adult diaper also needs to be switched when it gets dirty or becomes wet.

When may it be changed?
When the diaper is too wet with the involuntary discharge, it starts to soak the skin; which consequently results in foul odour and rashes. This is similar to what happens to a baby when his or her diaper is completely wet beyond absorption capacity. To avoid this kind of unhealthy situation, it is necessary to change them as soon as the involuntary discharge in it has been noticed or acknowledged. If you happen to wear them due to bladder problems, then you should change it immediately.

Changing the adult diaper
Though most of the adults can help themselves with changing their pad; but some may need assistance as well. This applies to those who are mentally or physically disabled. The changing of an adult diaper is pretty similar to the changing of a toddler’s diaper.

Here are few ways to change the diaper of an adult;
  • Roll them conveniently to one side and fold the adult diaper inward, so that the stain or wetness stays inside it.
  • Now roll them on another side and far off from the diaper, which has already been folded, in order to pull it gently out. Just in case it doesn’t come out conveniently, do tuck it in further and roll the wearer once again to the previous side and try to pull it out.
  • Once it has been taken off, make use of baby wipes to clean the area that was covered with the diaper. Once the cleaning is done, ensure that the cleaned area is dry, prior to putting fresh diaper. Do use lotion in order to soothe skin and avoid chafing.
  • Once again, roll them to one side and slip this new diaper beneath, while ensuring that it is centred properly; once they lie back.
  • Now roll back the wearer over the adult diaper in order to pull it through and ensure that it is correctly positioned on either side.
  • Finally, fasten the waist tabs securely.

Initially, all of this will be very tricky. With time and patience, anyone can become efficient in this task.

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