5 Craft Ideas That Both Parent And Child Can Enjoy


Young children like nothing more than sitting at a table with their mum or dad and making things using paper, card,  material, or other supplies that are available online and in shops. With the big school holidays almost upon us, you may be wondering how your are going to keep your kids occupied and happy before handing the reins back to their teachers.

There are many craft ideas that will hold their interest for hours on end. You will need some basic supplies and child friendly implements to get started. Safety is a prime concern in these activities. Use safety scissors with rounded tips and never let your child use the hot melt glue from Glue Guns Direct; that is strictly for grownups.

Here are some of my favourite ideas for keeping enquiring minds satisfied.

Paper Doilies
Children love to make these because they are simple. Fold a piece of square or circular paper in half, and then half again. The children cut shapes into the edges of the folded paper, removing bits as they go. Now, the doily doesn’t look much at the moment, but when they unfold it, they can see what their hard work has accomplished. Where they cut a wedge out of the paper, it turns into diamonds. Let them be creative with the shapes they cut, and they will improve the patterns and their scissor skills at the same time. Be warned, it is an addictive activity, and they will use a lot of paper.

Paper Plate Faces
Paper plates are cheap and disposable, but they have great potential when considering them as craft supplies. Children can use them for making faces by using strips of wool for the hair, nose and mouth, and beads for eyes. The plates are easy to paint too, so they have many uses in crafting.

A Dolls Room
If you cut some cardboard and stick it together using hot glue for them, they can turn it into a room for their doll. Show them how to draw and colour their own wallpaper and stick it onto the walls using PVA glue. The same method could be used to create a tiled floor, or maybe they prefer a carpet made out of felt. Paint old boxes to use as furniture for their dolls to sit or lie on. They see the world through better eyes than ours, and the miniature room is full of potential.

Balloon Faces
Draw and cut out eyes, noses, ears, mouths, and anything else you can think of for this quick project. Blow up some balloons and apply the facial features onto them using double sided sticky tape. The results can be hilarious.

Paper Dolls
Draw, colour in, and cut out the shape of a head and body without hair. The children can then draw hair and clothes separately to cut out and place over the body, giving it an endless supply of haircuts and styles.

There is no shortage of things for children to do. Often an idea will present itself when you sit at a table covered in supplies. Spending time with children who are enjoying themselves is a satisfying experience to say the least. I hope I have given you a few ideas to start on and develop yourself. Most of all have fun!

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  1. Paperdolls!!! Loved them as a kid and makes me wish I had a daughter now: )