Fun Reel and Real Super Heroes Day at Faber Peak Singapore

Don't we all love DC Comics Super Heroes? What's there not to love about Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern? In one way or another, they remind us of our real life super heroes don't you agree?

Oh well, Superman here do remind us of our real life super hero, none other than SuperDaddy. Daddy may not be as tall, muscular, strong and oh-so-handsome as Superman but he embodies most of the traits of a real super hero. I may be bias in saying so but as long as my kids agree with me, I am good to declare him as our very own super hero.

So in honour of our super hero, I accepted the invitation to attend Super Heroes Day last Saturday, the eve of Father's Day. It was a gloomy and wet morning but it didn't stop us from "flying" to Faber Peak Singapore (formerly known as The Jewel Box) via Singapore Cable Car.

The last two occasions we were at Mount Faber, it was just me and the hubby. It's the first time we tagged along the kids. They were overjoyed upon seeing the Koi Pond at Spuds and Aprons. The Jewel Box have undergone re-branding and makeover and it has since become more vibrant and more kid and family friendly at the same time.  

Photo credit: Mount Faber Leisure Group
After visiting the Iconic Restroom, we went ahead with the registration for the Super Heroes Day media event. That's Fulvia of Mount Faber Leisure Group putting a tag on the little boy whilst K and I were attended by Ivan and Fiona of SPRG. Please allow me to digress a little, I actually wore my rainbow arm band I got from Jonker Street in Malacca to brighten up the gloomy day. Can you spot it?

Upon registration, we were handed a media kit that came with the DC Comics Super Heroes masks. We wasted no time to have a family photo opp. How cute can we get? Hahaha! Pardon the self-patronage but I really love this shot. All thanks to the super friendly hosts who volunteered to take photos for us. 

Photo credit: Mount Faber Leisure Group
While helping ourselves with yummy bites and free flow of cocktail courtesy of Spuds and Aprons, the representative of Mount Faber Leisure Group introduced us the Singapore Cable Car collaboration with DC Comics Super Heroes as part of its 40th Anniversary Celebrations. Till March of next year, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman (not me, haha) and Green Lantern will be taking to the skies in the Singapore Cable Car which has been identified as the perfect vehicle to combat evil and save the day. :)

After briefing, the kids and parents were given materials to make their own capes. That's K having a grand time creating her supergirl cape. 

Photo credit: Mount Faber Leisure Group
I made the Green Lantern cape for the little one and left superdaddy to do the finishing touches. I am not so much into arts and craft, it made a big difference with the magic touch of an architect who loves to draw and design things nicely. :)

Tadaaaaa! Our finished product. Aren't they adorable? I know! I know I am forever bias but who else will appreciate the kids and our work except us? :D

Our super hero family are ready to fly with the DC Comics Super Heroes!!! How about you? Want to join us? Come hurry at Faber Peak now! Haha!

Since daddy and his little Green Lantern were dressed as such, we were designated the Green Lantern cabin. The kids had so much fun, they couldn't get enough of the cable car ride. K said, thank God mommy is a superblogger I get to ride the cable car many times today. Hahaha! We actually went all the way to Sentosa Island, then back to Faber Peak to take our things and bid goodbye to the event hosts. 

Afterwhich, the little one exclaimed "one more ride, one more ride!" so instead of taking a cab back home, we took another ride to Harbourfront Tower and eventually took cab from there. Pardon our messy hair and my signature gummy smile, I just wanted to show you how much we enjoyed "flying" with the DC Comics Super Heroes via Singapore Cable Car.

If you wish to experience DC Super Heroes cable car ride too, here are some important notes for you:

DC Super Heroes Cable Car Tickets

Duration: 31st May 2014 to 31st March 2015

Ticket Price:
Adult: SGD$29
Child (3 to 12 years old): SGD$18 

Each ticket includes a DC Comics Super Heroes Cable Car ticket, mask and souvenir booklet.

To stay updated with promotions and events, please like Singapore Cable Car and Faber Peak Singapore on Facebook.

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  1. no need to ask for pardon, I super love the super hero family shot too, and look at G, he really was in the mood to act out the super hero, I could see his poses show his power and strength :)