How A Tablet Can Help Your Toddlers Early Learning Development

There are hundreds of thousands of products made especially for toddlers and all promise to be the very thing your bub needs to learn, grow and develop properly. This can leave parents feeling slightly lost; which is best? Which of these myriad of products actually do what they claim to? With smartphones and tablets now being added to the mix, it has become even more difficult for parents to establish exactly what can help their child get the best start in their overall development. Here’s how introducing your toddler to a tablet really can help their early learning skills.

Tablets require interaction, which is pivotal for youngsters between one and three years old 
Your toddler is not only learning to run around, speak and become aware of their surroundings, your toddler is also striving towards independence. Toddlers are curious and want to discover everything around them, interact with them and learn from them. A recent American study has found that kids aged between two and three years of age are more likely to respond to technology that initiates interaction than technology that did not prompt interaction. This is a huge benefit for providing potential educational programs for children within this age bracket.

Interaction is a massive component to your child’s early learning development. Introducing your child to an interactive tablet can help to enhance response time as well as their general motor skills. 

Certain tablet applications can help your child increase their language skills
Did you know the average toddler can understand between 500 and 700 words by age three? Imagine immersing them in an interactive application that subtly taught them more language skills through play – this is possible with a tablet. It has also been found that children who have been introduced to tablets as learning devices tend to become familiar with the application much faster, learn faster and make fewer mistakes than their counterparts.

Schools are beginning to jump on the ‘e-learning’ bandwagon
With more schools and educators using tablet technology as an educational aid, it’s easy to see why introducing your child to tablets early could be beneficial to them in later life. Understanding how technology works and how to use it to their advantage are critical skills they are going to need during their school years.

An online environment encourages confidence
In a safe, online environment such as a learning application, your child can discover the right and wrong answers to many different virtual challenges. This in turn gives them a sense of achievement and confidence, which is essential for toddlers to develop healthy self-esteem.

Tablets are a fantastic option for helping your child gather more information through a medium they understand and, more importantly, are happy to continue using without getting distracted or bored. With a huge range of mobile and tablet applications that are tailored specifically for early learning, you won’t be short for choice when introducing your child to the wide world of technology. Visit for more information.

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