5 Ways to Throw a Great Children's Party

Children’s birthday parties can turn out to be shockingly expensive if you aren’t careful. Things like party favours don’t seem like they cost much, but when you add everything up, you soon realise that you’ve spent way more than you planned to. The funny thing is, children don’t really care about how expensive the decor is or how fancy the food is - they’re easily pleased, and most children are over the moon with any kind of birthday celebration. Let’s take a look at different ways you can throw a great children’s party on a budget:

Consider the Time
The time of day you choose to have a party can make or break any shindig, whether it’s for adults or for children. Why? Food! If you have the party around dinner time, people will assume that you’re going to be providing a meal to the children. Have the party just after lunch instead, which will mean all you need is a birthday cake and some juice/pop! You instantly save a fortune!

Have a Small Guest List
Use this for a rule when thinking about how many guests to invite: one friend per year of your child’s life. A 5 year old can invite 5 of their friends, a 6 year old 6 friends, and so on. This works magically, no matter what age your child is. You can say that the party is drop off only on the invite too, meaning that parents and siblings won’t linger for too long.

Get Rid of the Favor Bags
Those favor bags are cheesy anyway, and nearly always forgotten about the moment they get home! Stick to one favour per child instead of allocating them a bag each. This could be a pack of crayons, a new yo-yo, or something else that fits the theme. Parents will probably love you too as party favor bags always make a mess.

Simple Decorations
There’s only one decoration that kids really care about: balloons! Nothing else really matters...not banners, fancy tissue paper decorations, or anything else you’re thinking of buying. Choose foil balloons to add interest to the decor, and make sure you let each child take one home as an inexpensive party favor for them, and a quick way to clean up for you!

Have it at Home
Renting out a venue can take a huge chunk out of your budget. However, if you really need to keep costs low, then make sure you throw this party at your house. You can plan some fun games like pass the parcel and musical statues, and put together a playlist that they’ll all love. You don’t even need to plan many games - kids will always think of their own! If the weather is nice, consider having the party in the garden.

Kids will have fun wherever they are, as long as they’re with their friends. Don’t worry too much about food, favours, or decorations - simply let them have fun with their imaginations the way they prefer it!


  1. as long as we don't run out of creative ideas, fun always are available in inexpensive ways.

  2. Children's party on a budget is always the best!: )