How Toddlers Benefit from iPad and TV Time

  • They learn how to sing a song.
My boy can now sing a few nursery rhymes after watching them on the iPad every now and then.

  • They learn how to express and articulate their feelings.
My boy randomly hugs and kisses me and says, "I love you, mama! Soooo much!" when he sees a child hugging and kissing her mum on TV.

  • They learn new words and phrases.
One day, my boy blurted out "that's not right!" upon disagreeing with a "guess" while watching Hippa Hippa Hey on Baby TV.

  • They learn about alphabets, numbers, colours and shapes.
Need I elaborate? I do encourage reading books and interactive learning in lieu of this but watching learning shows are fun too once in a while.

I may be a lousy mum but I do exert extra effort to have my kids get outdoor plays a.k.a. scree-free time as often as I can. Even during times when I am tired coming home from work, I still try to bring them out and keep them away from the TV and the iPad. Some parents cringe on the idea of giving kids time to watch TV and play with the iPad. I do give my kids screen-time, but it's mostly supervised and limited.

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