Ways to Shuffle the Fashion Deck for Work

The confusion and frustration that can arise from a woman who can’t decide what to wear can really become unbearable. Though it may seem trivial to some, for so many women picking out an outfit that makes them look and feel their best can really be challenging. Not all of us are experts like the people who work on “What Not to Wear,” and we don’t all always know what looks good on us. Luckily, there is plenty of useful advice out there to help us mix and match what we already have in our wardrobes.

In particular, finding the right outfit to wear to your professional or office job as a woman can be really difficult. It’s a sad moment when you open your closet only to find that you have just one button-down blouse for your job at the bank… and you work there five days a week. It becomes necessary to discover five different work outfits from the meager selection you call a closet. However, there is hope yet for those of us who can’t afford to buy a completely different set of clothes for each and every workday.

It’s wise to at least make a small investment in your workwear, if you really take your job seriously—even if you consider it a transition job until your big break comes, looking good could lead to a better performance review or letter or recommendation. And especially when you are new to the job, and you are making a lot of first impressions on the important people, looking well put together is essential—let them know you care about your wardrobe and be slyly successful with what you already have in your closet.

One thing you can do is purchase some affordable black or nude flats that are comfy enough to wear on the regular. Believe us when we say, standing up all day long in uncomfortable shoes will bring a burning sensation to your feet you’ll not soon forget. Basic flats will be able to be paired with almost anything—from a knee-length pencil skirt to white linen pants. If you feel tempted to wear heels, try to invest in some gel inserts to lighten the load a bit.

Speaking of skirts, attempt to have at least two skirts of appropriate length to match a couple different blouses with. One black and one brown or beige will be perfect for mixing and matching different colored shirts and shoes. Adding a “power blazer” to your wardrobe is another choice you’ll thank us for later. Power blazers are a great way to tie any outfit together, as long as it’s a relatively neutral color.

We know that many women get caught in a cycle of wearing black, because it’s always pretty professional looking and just a solid go-to. However, we recommend you be a bit more daring and try for a color other than black for certain clothing items. Add a splash of color to your outfit with a brightly colored necklace or socks, or even a bright top with more neutral bottom pieces. Balance is key when it comes to creating a beautiful outfit.

Building awesome work-appropriate outfits from the clothing you already have in your closet, with a couple small investments here and there is the way to go. As the old adage tells us, “work with what you’ve got!”


  1. I need a major outfit shopping soon hahaha gee can't wait to have skirts that fit me well... I wish my studying can finally make me lose weight aheheeee: ) great tipak here!: )

  2. Great tips not tipak... blaming my phone's auto spell hehehe